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Today, I am going to tell you about the Black Friday Discount on Flywheel.

FlyWheel is well known for providing Managed WordPress hosting services.

Managed WP hosting is popular for offering loads of features that you would not get with a cheap WordPress Shared Hosting plan.

During this Flywheel black Friday deal, it offers 3 months of free hosting with any of its plans to purchase annual plans.

FlyWheel Black Friday
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Flywheel Black Friday Deal 2024

Flywheel Black Friday 2024 sale is here again. You can get 3 months of free hosting for their annual plans on their premium hosting.
The deal is live now.

Let’s jump in to know Why To Shop For FlyWheel during its Black Friday deal?

Why Go For FlyWheel Black Friday Deal 2024?

FlyWheel Black Friday
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Fully Optimized For WordPress:

If you have a site on WordPress or planning to create one, then FlyWheel is the right choice for you. From their servers to the support team, they are ready to serve your WP website.

Blazing-fast site speed:

Speed of your website matters a lot in Google Ranking, and flywheels offer impressive load time on every site, backed by the Google Cloud Platform.

Easy SFTP access:

They offer a simplified SSH file transfer protocol(SFTP) that keeps your data more secure, and one login allows you to access all your websites.

Staging for every site:

You can make changes without setting up plugins or servers. That means you can make changes in a test environment before going live.

Power dev tools:

Their platform offers built-in tools to speed up your website creation for both teams and solo creatures.

Hacker- Free Security:

They don’t compromise for their security. They keep your site secure and safe. Anyhow, if your website gets hacked, FlyWheel will take responsibility to clean it up for free.

Free SSL certificates:

Security of your site comes first, and that’s why FlyWheel offers free SSL certificates. You can easily install SSL right from your site’s dashboard!

Free CDN + custom caching:

It is straightforward to add a Content delivery network(CDN) to your site, and then FlyCache(WordPress specific caching) will give your site wings.

Pricing Plans Of FlyWheel:

flywheel pricing
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FlyWheel comes with three different plans for those who have a single site. All of these plans cover 3 months free on purchase of 12 months during this FlyWheel Black Friday Deals.

Tiny Plan: This plan is the handiest and cheaper plan, especially for newbies, because of its minimal and simple features offered to the users.


  • It has a disk space of 5GB.
  • It offers a bandwidth of 250GB.
  • The plan costs around $14 per month.

FlyWheel Tiny plan is perfect for those who don’t initially invest much money and have less traffic on their website.

Personal Plan:

This plan is a little bit costly than the Tiny Plan, but it is propounded with double the Tiny Plan features, making it perfect for any personal blog or website owner.


  • The price of the plan is $28 per month or $330 per yearly.
  • It has a disk space of 20GB.
  • It offers a bandwidth of 500GB.

FlyWheel Personal Plan is for those who expect intermediate traffic on their website in the upcoming time.

Professional Plan:

The plan is costly and features loaded, especially for professionals who are sure that their site will face heavy traffic.


  • It offers a disk space of 20GB.
  • It has a bandwidth of 1 TeraByte.
  • The price of the plan is around $69 per month or $825 per year.

FlyWheel’s professional plan also offers freelance plans with key points such as 40GB disk space and enough bandwidth to install WordPress at a time. All this with a price of around $92 per month.

Other than the Freelance plan, FlyWheel also propounds Agency plans with key points such as 8TB of bandwidth and 120GB of disk space with a price value of $229 per month.

How To Activate FlyWheel Black Friday Deal 2024?

Flywheel hosting home page
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Here, I have mentioned the best simplest and possible way to grab FlyWheel Black Friday Deal 2024:

  1. Click on this special link to activate the FlyWheel discount.
  2. Select your preferable plan.
  3. Fill up your credential details to complete the sign-up process.
  4. Once your account gets verified, click on the “Create New” option and fill in other vital details in the account details section.
  5. Finally, Click on the payment button to get the benefits of the FlyWheel Black Friday Deal.

Great. You have successfully grabbed the FlyWheel Black Friday Deal 2024.

FLyWheel Pros and Cons

flywheel features
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  • Puts many efforts into differentiating itself from the other hosting providers
  • Very easy to use
  • Provide 24/7 customer support to the users
  • It offers you a free Let’sEncrypt SSL certificate overall its plans
  • The process of installation is straightforward and simple
  • Backup your site every day
  • Secure staging sites which is provided by the Flywheel
  • It utilizes the server-side caching
  • It gives limited login attempts along with the IP blocking
  • Provide site security without using any third party security plugin
  • Anything offer Flywheel will take care of it
  • They help you via email, chat, and phone calls.
  • They offer a massive discount to the users so that anyone can use it


  • A higher price tag than some competitors,
  • Need To Improve Their Performance

Frequently Asked Questions Related To FlyWheel Black Friday Deal:

Q. What In This FlyWheel Black Friday Deal?

The flyWheel offers 3-month free hosting on the annual purchase from their plans as a thanksgiving(Black Friday/Cyber Monday).

Q. Do FlyWheel propound HTTP/2?

Yes, it propounds HTTP/2. You can easily enable it by installing SSL certificates.

Q. Does FlyWheel provide SSH access for my site?

No, it offers only SFTP access rather than offering an SSH certificate. However, FlyWheel’s Support team can still be able to access your website with the only SSH.

Q. How many websites can I host on FlyWheel hosting?

Up to 10, you can host 10 websites with the second plan of the FlyWheel Hosting. Grab Now to get the best deal.


Are you looking for the Best WordPress web-hosting for a long time? Then, I am sure that your search ends here.

Leave a comment in the comment section of this post and let me know What Is Plan You Are Going To Choose From FlyWheel During Black Friday Deal?

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