Black Friday Web Hosting Deals: TOP 7 Largest Discounts Of 2019

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I’ve contacted various web hosting providers and personally asked them about their Black Friday sale campaigns.

So, I could compile a list of the best Black Friday web hosting deals for you ahead of time. 

Based on the information they have given me here are the top 7 best black Friday web hosting deals of 2019?

Best Black Friday web Hosting Deals 2019

Number 7

InMotion Hosting Hosting Black Friday Deal. 

Their power plans are dropping to just $3.99 a month scoring you a 60% discount. 

These plans allow you to host up to 6 websites, feature unlimited SSD storage space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts. 

That’s a lot of features for just $3.99 a month. Their black Friday campaign starts on November 22nd and ends on November 29th

I mostly recommend InMotion Hosting to businesses, not personal website creators.

However, during this Black Friday sale campaign, you can get your hands on some professional-grade web hosting for cheap.

So, if business-grade web hosting is something that you might be interested in I actually have a full InMotion Hosting review that you can find right here.

But to summarize their performance is great they offer a lot of free extra features with their plans and they’re an overall good web hosting provider. 

So, claim your InMotion hosting discounts. 

The number 6

InterServer Black Friday Hosting Deal

This spot goes to InterServer and their 50% off lifetime plans. InterServer is a provider that only offers one plan and that’s an all-rounder both for personal and business use. 

One of the best features about InterServer is their price lock guarantee. 

Price lock guarantee means that the price you pay when buying your web hosting plan is the price you’ll have to pay when you renew it because most other web hosting providers actually offer lower prices initially but then they increase the prices when it’s time to renew. 

Well, with the price lock guarantee this won’t happen and you’ll always have to pay the same price.

Long story short if you buy an InterServer plan during Black Friday you’ll have a 50% discount forever. 

Their 50% lifetime discounts are available starting from November 29th to December 2nd meaning you only have three days to get this deal. 

The number 5

Hostgator Black Friday Deal 

Moving on to the number 5 spot we have Hostgator and 62% discounts. 

You’ve probably heard of HostGator before they’re a super huge provider, they already offer cheap web hosting they give you a free domain name with every purchase and a free SSL certificate.

Hostgator is quite a beginner-friendly web hosting and this Black Friday they’re going to be wallet-friendly as well. 

62% discount means you can get their 3-year hatchling plan for just $150 instead of the regular $250. 

So, grab this deal and save yourself up to $100. 

I would recommend Hostgator to people who are just starting their websites. 

They want something cheap and something to test the waters with Hostgator is already on all the reputable providers.

So, you can’t really go wrong with it but as a general rule of thumb if you plan to do e-commerce don’t choose a shared web hosting plan that’s far too unreliable and unstable for that. 

The  number 4

DreamHost Black Friday Hosting Deal

I’ve got to give the number four spot to DreamHost and their 50% discount. 

While not the biggest discount on this list DreamHost offers an amazing service and getting it for cheaper is an amazing deal. 

I have a full DreamHost review if you’re interested that I link right here but just to summarize DreamHost offers one of the most stable and consistently fast shared web hosting plans I’ve seen ever. 

My friends DreamHost website has been online for over a month now without a single second of downtime, their response times are low and the service is easy to use.

Sadly the support that DreamHost offers isn’t all that good when compared to other web hosting providers.

So, I would recommend DreamHost to people that already know what they’re doing and they just need a fast and stable provider for their projects, e-commerce projects are actually a viable option for DreamHost since they’re so stable. 

Ok, so I know that this is super boring and you’ve probably heard it before but my challenge supported by affiliate links that means if you make any purchases from any links I get a commission and you get a discount.

This allows me to keep my content free and this gives you the best possible web hosting deals so thank you for supporting me to use the links if you find this article helpful and just want to say thank you. 

Anyways you get a discount I just wanted to mention that and let’s get back to this list. 

The number 3

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal 

At the number 3 spot, we have A2 Hosting and A2 Hosting is doing quite a large scale. Here you can read A2 hosting review.

They were always a top-tier provider and it doesn’t matter if you’re making a personal or a business website an educational website or even a simple forum you could always bet on a2 hosting to provide a stable and fast service. 

But that comes with a big drawback and that drawback being their price they were always more expensive than other web hosting providers. 

Well, not during this Black Friday sale because I share the hosting plans? 

Boom 67% off get yourself a shared hosting plan with a2 hosting for just $2 a month instead of the regular $8. 

Need a managed dedicated server or a virtual private server? 

Those are going to be 50% off as well. 

If we would talk about the performance of these plans I personally have a website hosted with a2 hosting the response time is great just around 500 milliseconds on average but expect your website to be down for 10 to 20 minutes every month, not the most stable performance. 

However, the loading speed is insane just 0.7 seconds to load an empty WordPress website definitely the fastest out of any shared web hosting providers.

If you’re interested read my full a2 hosting review right here and I never had any issues with a2 hosting I think they’re an excellent provider and if you plan to create a serious project now is the perfect time to get a plan with a2 hosting for half or even more than half the price. 

They will be running their sale from November 26th to the 2nd of December. 

Number 2

Hostinger Black Friday Sale 

The number 2 spot goes to Hostinger and they’re insane 90% off deals. During this Black Friday campaign you can get web hosting as cheap as 72 cents the best part they’re running discounts on cloud hosting and VPS hosting packages as well.

I’ve done a lot of performance tests so if you’re interested in that I’ll leave them right here they’re a part of my full Hostinger review.

But overall Hostinger has been one of my favorite web hosting providers of 2019. They offer great 24/7 support, their performance is exceptional taking into consideration their low price and usually, if people ask for fast and cheap web hosting I direct them to Hostinger. 

The number 1.5

HostPapa Black Friday Deal 

I know I’m cheating a bit by giving HostPapa the number 1.5 spot but hear me out the Black Friday HostPapa deal is super similar to the Hostinger one. 

They have an 88% discount on their starter and business plans dropping the price to just 1 dollar per month from $4 or $8 depending on the promotions they’re currently running this promotion starts on November 25th and ends on the December 4th.

If you’re from the United States or Canada I highly recommend you check out HostPapa instead of Hostinger since HostPapa is a Canadian-based company. 

So, you’re most likely gonna get better support and better loading speed if you go with HostPapa and the HostPapa business plans are actually really good for just 1 dollar a month unlimited amount of websites free domains unlimited SSD storage unmetered bandwidth.

 HostPapa could have easily taken the number one spot on this list but since there’s discounts are only limited to two plans let’s see who’s offering the best Black Friday web hosting deal of 2019. 

The number 1

Bluehost Black Friday Deal

I gave the number one spot to Bluehost because overall they’re one of the best web hosting providers no matter what kind of project you’re hosting and on top of that they specialize in WordPress hosting which I found most people tend to get Bluehost has informed me that they’ll be slashing their prices up to 67% on their shared hosting plans, VPS hosting plans dedicated servers WooCommerce and WordPress hosting plans. 

Bluehost plans are the perfect blend of performance price and support. 

They’re not too expensive. The performance is okay and you can expect 24/7 support. 

I highly recommend you get Bluehost, especially during this Black Friday period when the prices are like 67% off especially if you’re gonna host a WordPress website since Bluehost is the number one recommended web host provider by WordPress themselves. 

Remember to get your discounts by using the links given and this just about summarizes the best Black Friday web hosting deals of 2019.

Let me know in the comment section below which hosting deal did you actually grabbed. 

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