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BunnyCDN Credit

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A good CDN (Content Delivery Network) also plays an essential part in enhancing your website speed. 

Working BunnyCDN Promo Code in 2024

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Today in this article, I will talk about the BunnyCDN Discount code: Simple, Fast & Powerful.CDN.

Let’s dive in

What Is BunnyCDN Discount Code?

BunnyCDN is a high-end Content Delivery Platform (CDN) founded in 2015 by Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel that comes with many CDN solutions.

It is instantaneously helping you improve your website speed through its features that ensure fast content delivery to your audience for a better user experience.  

During this Promo Code Sale, you can grab BunnyCDN premium plans with 25% OFF. That means you are going to get this CDN service much cheaper than its general price.

I have also described the steps on How To Avail BunnyCDN Promo Code.

How To Activate BunnyCDN Promo Code?

BunnyCDN coupon code
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They make it very simple for their users to enable coupon codes with any of their plans. To make it easier than just simple, I have added a step-by-step tutorial right below :

Step 1. Click on this unique link, sign up, and create your BunnyCDN account.

Step 2 You don’t have to worry about carrying a coupon code along with you if you visit through our link.

If you don’t want to read the whole article, you can use our unique BunnyCDN coupon code, “BLOGGINGASK,” and get instant credit to your account.

Step 3. Please submit your payment details, such as debit or credit card, which enables international transactions. You can also substitute them by using PayPal as an alternative to becoming a premium member of BunnyCDN.

Step 4. Visit the Billing page and double-check whether the free credits are applied successfully or not.

The best thing about BunnyCDN is that they don’t charge you a single penny for a 14-day days trial, and you can cancel it anytime if you don’t like their services. 

That’s all. Now click on the final button to proceed further & start to enjoy the ultimate features of BunnyCDN.

Let’s dig into the article to know the Features / Features of BunnyCDN more deeply. This will make it relatively more comfortable for you to decide whether you want to go or not go with this simple but powerful CDN service.

Why Go With BunnyCDN?[Benefits Of BunnyCDN]

BunnyCDN benefits
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I have mentioned some of the best features you will grab with the BunnyCDN plan right below so that you can choose BunnyCDN after knowing what you will enjoy with the best price-performance CDN on the market.

Replicated Cloud Storage:

BunnyCDN Speciality
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Replicated Cloud Storage is a unique & outstanding solution that BunnyCDN provides. 

They have fantastic features called Permanent Cache, also termed as ‘Perma-Cache,’ that make it possible to duplicate your primary server files permanently to all worldwide storage automatically.

Now the question is How You Will Enable Replicated Cloud StStorage;

1. Go To Storage.

2. Enable Geo-Replication.

3. Add a Storage Zone.

4. Now, you might see the Perma-Cache Option.

5. Enable it & enhance your content delivery speed to provide a more high-end experience for your audience while surfing your website.

Video Delivery: 

BunnyCDN provides seamless playback for video delivery with its NVMe-based hardware & smart routing engine.

Some stunning features offered by BunnyCDN, such as Hotlinking Protection, Global Network, and Media Optimized Caching, make it possible to kick up the video delivery process to the next level.

Again, ensuring that your visitor can experience smooth video playback without buffering on videos even when they skip the video part.

Website Acceleration:

Once you have successfully installed the BunnyCDN, you will make your website much more comfortable to access, independent of which location your users are trying to reach your website.

Moreover, website speed is also counted as one of the important Google ranking factors. This can increase your conversion rate as well as revenue.

BunnyCDN comes with HTTPS/2, SSDs, Global PoPs, Brotli, etc., which again enhance your website to provide your audience a better experience while browsing your website.

Bunny Optimizer:

One of the crucial characteristics BunnyCDN offers is Bunny Optimizer, and it is very helpful when it comes to your server images & converts images to WebP format dynamically. 

Plus helps you by resizing, cropping, color correction, and images automatically for both Desktop & Mobile Devices.

Also, it reduces other files like JavaScript & CSS Files, providing you the best solution for bulk files and images to speed up your blog speed.

To enable the Bunny Optimizer, you need to activate it by visiting your Pull Zones> Optimizer > Bunny Optimizer. All these features are at just $9.50 per month.

Ultimate Support:

One common question that arises here is, “What Kind Of Support Do They Offer?”

Undoubtedly they have one of the best and most knowledgeable guys that are always available for you to resolve any support related to BunnyCDN.

However, they only offer support through email 24*7. Yes, you heard it right. They provide no live chat support option.

But, they respond quickly, even on email support. (They take an hour to resolve my query that I was facing a problem when I started using BunnyCDN services.)

To reach them out, Go to BunnyCDN Dashboard>Click on Support>Again, tap on New Ticket> Enter your Subject for the report along with Pull Zone, Subject, Description, & Attachments>Submit your Ticket.

That’s simple, and it is that easy to connect with their support team.

Let’s have a look at a few more features of BunnyCDN,

Additional Features Of BunnyCDN:

bunny cdn networks
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  • Cache query strings
  • Query string ordering
  • HTTP/2
  • Brotli & GZip
  • Video delivery
  • Image optimization
  • < 30ms global latency
  • 99.99% uptime
  • WebP support
  • Full origin SSL
  • IP blacklisting
  • Bandwidth overdraft protection
  • 41 global data centers

Now, you know What You Will Get, Benny CDN but at What Cost? Don’t worry, and I have added the pricing table of the two different plans offered by BunnyCDN.

How Much Does BunnyCDN Cost? [Pricing & Plan]:

BunnyCDN has two different plans with unlimited site uses. One of them is Standard Network, and the other is a Volume Network.

BunnyCDN Standard Network: It standard Network plan is the best pick for those who want to enhance their website speed with low investment, i.e., small websites owners 

These plans will give you access to their full network along with area-based pricing.

BunnyCDN Volume Network: It is a cost-effective plan for high bandwidth plans with 8PoPs worldwide designed mainly for hosting large videos and files.

Best for website owners who have hosted many photos and videos on their websites.

  1. Standard Network Pricing For Region-Region):
Europe & North America$0.01 /GB
Asia & Oceania$0.03 /GB
South America$0.045 /GB
Middle East & Africa$0.06 /GB
  1. Volume Network Pricing ( Variables For Volume-Volume):
First 500TB$0.005 /GB
From 500TB-1PB$0.004 /GB
From 1PB-2PB$0.003 /GB
From 2PB+$0.0025 /GB

BunnyCDN Pros and Cons

Bunnycdn Account Overview
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  • Pay as you go billing
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • NVMe + SSD Powered Servers
  • Block IPs or Whole Countries


  • None at the moment

Frequently Asked Question-Related To BunnyCDN Coupon Code :

What Is CDN?

A CDN, also known as Content Distribution Network, is a geographic area distributed network of proxy servers & their data centers.

Does BunnyCDN Provide SSL?

Yes, they offer free SSL by Let’s Encrypt.

What Is BunnyCDN Coupon Code?

BunnyCDN Coupon Code allows you to get a premium plan from BunnyCDN at the best price. You can click on this special link to save a few bucks of your money while purchasing any of its two plans.

BunnyCDN coupon code Conclusion:

BunnyCDN is a perfect pick for bloggers, business owners, and digital marketers who want to boost up their website speed to improve their ranking.

Just grab your BunnyCDN coupon code and enjoy free credit.

I hope this article will help you grab a BunnyCDN premium plan at the best possible price to secure a little more money while buying any plans from BunnyCDN.

If you still have any doubts, don’t hesitate to share your query in this blog’s comment section.

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