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It’s never too late to start a blog, and now starting a blog is much easier than before. Once you have decided to start a blog, then you have to choose a platform.

And often, everybody stuck up here while selecting between Blogger vs WordPress.

Do you want to choose blogging as a career?

If the answer is yes, then you are already ahead of 90 percent of the people. Because most people do not even know what blogging is?

Well!!! Now, you are on the right path. But the decisions that you make from now on will show a massive impact on your blogging career. 

So, I’m here to guide you and make you move in the right direction, which maximizes your profit and decreases the time and effort to reach your goals.

I presume that as already, you have chosen blogging to be your career or a passion that you want to do it for part-time, but you might have come across the words WordPress vs Blogger.

These two platforms have their pros and cons. Being a blogger, you should know the differences between them.

In this article, I am going to breakdown the major and minor differences between these two platforms. So let’s have a look at it. 

But before getting into details and differences, let me ask you a question.

I hope that you s came across a game called cricket. Or at least you might have heard about it.

So there are different formats in cricket. Like T-20, one day match and test match.

Now answer me, what is the format that you like most, and what is the format that gives more joy and entertainment?

I hope you have an answer with you now. Also, keep your answer in mind, because we have something to do with it at the end of the article and this gives you a clear vision on how to choose between Blogger vs WordPress.

How to choose between Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger vs wordpress
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What is Blogger?

Blogger is a free blogging platform that was created and founded by Pyra Labs way back in 1999, and later on, it was acquired by Google in 2003. 

You can create a free blog that is hosted and maintained by Internet Giant Google. Upon setting up your free blog, you get a free subdomain of blogsopot.com.

For example, your site will be like mysite.blogspot.com. Alternatively, you can buy a domain and connect with your free blog.

Blogger is one of the best and easiest free platforms to start your blog, and the process of setting up is easier. 

Blogger may take care of all your hosting and SSL-related problems, and you can start publishing great content.

blogger dashboard
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Features of Blogger

As you already know that Blogger is Google’s product, and you can create a free blog using it.

Blogger is an excellent option for newbies who want to start a blog without spending a single penny. 

Let’s talk about the features of Blogger.

1. Very Easy to Use: If you do have not technical knowledge, you can easily create a free blog on Blogger. Here you can read the detailed post on how to create a free blog on Blogger.

2. It’s free: You don’t need to invest a single penny if you want to start a blog on Blogger. You have not paid for hosting, registration, or any kind of membership fee.  If you wish, you can purchase a custom domain for your blog.

3. Free Templates and Customization: Blogger provides you a lot of free blogger templates. 

You can choose any template according to your niche and choice. If you have good knowledge of coding, then you can design your blogger blog amazingly. 

Even if you don’t know HTML, CSS, and Javascript, you can do the necessary customization. 

4. Free Hosting: Blogger is hosted on Google which is the biggest advantage of using Blogger. And you don’t have to think about spending money on hosting etc. 

One of the best things about using a blogger is that your blogger site will never go down, even if you receive thousands of visitors at the same time. It has an uptime of 99.99%.

5. Security: Security can be more concerned about your blog, and as far as Blogger is concerned, you do not need to take any stress. Google keeps updating Blogger’s security. 

6. Free Domain: When you create your free blog on Blogger, you get a free blogspot’s subdomain, and later you can purchase a custom domain and connect it with your blogger blog.

7. Site Indexing: One thing that I like is the quick indexing of Blogger’s blog posts. Whenever you publish a new article on your Blogger’s blog, it is indexed within 24 hours, which means if your article indexes fast, you will get traffic soon. 

8. A better platform to start: When I started my blogging journey in 2017, I too started with a free blog on Blogger.

And if you are a newbie and want to learn things or you want to test your writing skills, then Blogger’s blog can be an excellent platform for you. 

Once you learn basic things, then you can move to WordPress or any other platform.

It’s time to discuss the Pros and Cons of Blogger.

Pros Of Blogger:

  • Easy to understand, you can create your blog in just a minute
  • You don’t need to take stress for hosting.
  • You can personalize and design your blog
  • Easy to manage and handle
  • No installation issues
  • No worries about the software or any other updates
  • Ultimate security. 
  • Easy monetization is possible with Adsense.

Cons Of Blogger:

  • Very basic platform
  • Customization is minimal.
  • You are not the boss of your content because it is hosted on Google’s server.
  • No automatic backup 
  • Google can suspend it anytime
  • Everything is manual.
  • No good options for SEO

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most used blogging platforms across the world, and it started way back in 2003.

From its easy and humble beginning, WordPress has grown to become the most used and biggest blogging platform in the world.

WordPress is the best and excellent quality Content Management System (CMS in short).

WordPress is open-source, which means it is free to use for the public, and they use it, modify it, and improve it.

It has two versions, one is WordPress.com, which is a hosted version that comes with so many restrictions, and the second one is WordPress.org, which is a self-hosted platform.

wordpress dashboard
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Features of WordPress

Blogging becomes comfortable with platforms like WordPress, a person who does not have much technical knowledge can easily create a WordPress blog with the help of YouTube Tutorials. 

If you want to start a blog on WordPress, then you need to buy a domain and hosting from the right reputed hosting provider. 

A2 hostingBluehost, Dreamhost, Hostinger, etc. are among the best hosting providers companies.

Let’s have a look at the essential features of WordPress. 

1. Plugins

WordPress has a tremendous collection of free plugins that allow you to customize your WordPress site. If your site is beautifully designed, then it impresses the users. 

With the help of these plugins, you can optimize your blog, content, images, etc. and they help you with on-page SEO as well.


One of the best things about WordPress is that here you get a massive collection of pre-built and pre-designed themes. According to your niche, choice, and situation, you can pick any theme.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy, or without having any kind of coding knowledge, you can easily use these themes. It’s just drag and drop. 


With WordPress, you can start a multi-author blog. It means multiple users or authors can contribute to a single site.

For different users, you can create various login details, and you can set them as editors or contributors, etc. 

Many years ago, WordPress was simply a device to create a blog. But nowadays it’s become the biggest community for website owners. 

And the credit goes to WordPress because they have designed it very profoundly. With the help of preloaded themes and plugins, you can build any kind of website.

Here are a few examples:

  • Business website 
  • eCommerce stores
  • Blogs
  • Portfolio sites
  • Q&a sites
  • Forums
  • Social networking sites
  • Membership sites, and much more.

After the various features of WordPress, let’s have a look at its Pros and Cons.

Pros Of WordPress:

  • WordPress CMS is very easy to use, being a beginner, you can easily create your blog or site.
  • Tremendous collection of Themes and Plugins.
  • Multiple Customization options using plugins.
  • For experienced users, it is a great platform, and they can add amazing features to their blog or site using custom codes.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Easy for technical SEO
  • Ultimate Plugins are available for On-page-SEO
  • More Social Sharing options are available.
  • Easy to take a backup of your data

Cons Of WordPress:

  • Initially, investment is required for hosting. 
  • You have to take off the security
  • It is not beginner-friendly, you have to learn it.

What are the main differences between Blogger vs WordPress

You are aware of Blogger and WordPress, their features, and their Pros and Cons. Now, it’s time to discuss how to choose between Blogger vs WordPress. 

Now, I will clarify every aspect of the difference between Blogger vs WordPress that will help you to choose the right blogging platform. 

As I have already discussed, there are two versions of WordPress, one is hosted, and another is self-hosted. For the self-hosted version i.e., WordPress.org, you have invested in hosting. 

And here, I will be discussing the self-hosted version. 

Here are my recommended hosting: 

Let’s dive in, which blogging platform would be a better option for you.

1. Ownership

As you are aware that Blogger is Google’s product, and all data pertaining to your blogger blog is stored on Google’s server. Therefore, you will not be able to access their server. 

Although with your Google account, you can easily create hundreds of blogs, you are not the owner of your content. 

As your blog is hosted on Google’s server, they can delete your account without your permission, and you cannot even claim it.

On the other hand, a WordPress blog is self-hosted, and you have full authority over your blog. You can close it whenever you want.

You can have your data that you can migrate to another hosting company if you don’t like their services. 

In simple words, in terms of ownership, WordPress is the better option. 

My verdict.

As far as ownership is concerned, it’s a win for WordPress you should opt for it.

2. Control

Blogger is a very simple management system, and anyone can easily manage it.

You will not get any extra options, and you will have to work from available options only. If you want to decorate your Blogger blog, then you have to be good at coding.

On the other hand, in WordPress, you can easily design your blog professionally with the help of page builders and plugins. 

WordPress is one of the most used and popular Content Management Systems. And also it is open-source software, which means you can modify it, and you can add extra features to it at your discretion and whenever you like.

If you want to create a blog or a website for your company, then WordPress is the better option, and you can easily create it.

With the help of a tremendous collection of plugins, you can decorate your website professionally, adding extra features to it. And for that, you do not need any kind of coding knowledge.

3. Appearance

When I am talking about look or appearance, it means what appearance option you have in Blogger and WordPress. Blogger has a limited number of templates that, too, are not good-looking.

And to make your Blogger blog beautiful and professional, then you have to design it by coding.

Although many websites provide premium templates but these sites are not official, and if you use these templates on your blog, it will not give you a premium feel.

So there is no need to invest in those unofficial Blogger Templates.

When it comes to WordPress, there are tons of free themes that give you a premium feel, and if you have a budget, then you can go for premium themes as well.

My verdict

WordPress undoubtedly wins this round. 

4. Security

When it comes to security Google can be a better option because being an Internet Giant, they have much more robust security.

If you are going to create a blog on Blogger, then you do not need to think about safety.

Nobody is going to break or hack Google’s security, and if thousands of visitors come to your site at the same time, then the Blogger blog will not slow down.

WordPress is also safe, but here you have to take off the security of your blog. You can make your blog fully secure with the help of plugins like Easy Hide Login, Loginizer, and Wordfence, etc.

Apart from if your hosting provider also provides you security, but if your blog is hosted on a limited resources server, then your site may slow down if more visitors come at the same time. 

My Verdict

Although Blogger is excellent in terms of security, you can secure WordPress blogs with ultimate security plugins.

And you will also get security from the Hosting provider. So WordPress is dual protection in comparison to Blogger.

5. Transfer

Blogger does not provide you the facility to transfer your blog from Blogger to another blogging platform. But you can export its data, and later on, you can import it on other blogging platforms like WordPress.

But if you will export data from your blogger blog and then import it into WordPress, it may result in various losses. There will be a significant impact on the SEO of your blog, which will reduce the number of visitors as well. 

If you want to transfer your WordPress blog, then you can do it easily without losing any data, SEO, and traffic. 

My verdict 

When it comes to the transfer of data, WordPress is far better than Blogger.

6. Updates

Blogger is very behind in terms of adding, sometimes you’ll feel that you are still in the late nineties. They rarely update the Blogger platform. Sometimes they add new features, that is equal to nothing.

In the past few years, Google has shut down its many products, and there is no guarantee that when they will shut down Blogger. 

As I have already told you, WordPress is Open-source software, and it isn’t owned by any group or companies or developers. Its updates come twice or thrice a year. 

If you wish, you can modify and update it according to your choice.

My verdict

As far as Updates are concerned Blogger is nowhere in the race, and WordPress easily wins it. 

7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a crucial part of a blog, and Blogger has got few features, but they are not enough to fulfill your SEO need. 

WordPress is itself SEO friendly, and it has many free and paid plugins that can help you in doing SEO of your blog. In terms of SEO between Blogger vs WordPress, WordPress is far better. 

You already know that Blogger’s blog is hosted on Google’s server, and you are not the ultimate owner of your database and records. 

My verdict

WordPress wins this round as well, and it has no comparison with Blogger when it comes to SEO. 

8. Hosting

If you want to create a free blog on Blogspot, then you don’t have to think about hosting. And you can start with a blogspot’s subdomain. 

On the other for the WordPress blog, you have to purchase web hosting from reputed hosting providers.

Now, if you go for WordPress.com then there are a lot of restrictions like you cannot monetize your blog with Google Ads, you cannot use the plugins, etc. 

You can do blogging as a business, and if you want to start any business, then you need minimum investment. Blogging can be a good business, and you can start your blogging business at just $3.95. 

My verdict

Although Blogger is free and you can launch your blog without spending a single penny, I recommend you to start your blogging journey on WordPress even if you do not know WordPress. 

You can learn from YouTube Tutorials. I, too, learned it from Youtube.

12. Support

Support is a vital aspect of any field. And in blogging, there are times when you struck up something and need assistance.

Blogger has got limited or almost no support in comparison to WordPress. Blogger provides you some type of online documentation and network support, but that is not enough. 

When it comes to WordPress, it has the ultimate dynamic help discussion forum that can help you at any time.

Apart from this, your hosting provider also provides you technical support.

My Verdict

WordPress is much better than Blogger in terms of security.

Which is better, Blogger or WordPress?

In a nutshell, if you want to test your writing skills, then Blogger is much better than WordPress. If you are HAPPY with the limited features of the Blogger, then it can be a great choice. For making money, WordPress is better.

Is blogging or WordPress better for making money?

Blogger is a free platform. You can start your blog without spending a single penny even on the domain name. If you want to buy a custom domain, you can do that later. On the other hand, WordPress requires a domain and web hosting, provider. For Making Money, WordPress is a better platform.

Is WordPress the best for blogs?

WordPress.org (self-hosted platform) is one of the most used and best platforms for starting a blog. And you can start a blog for just $3.95. Launch Your Blog

Conclusion of Blogger vs WordPress

Now, I hope you got a complete idea of Blogger vs WordPress.

If you don’t have money to invest, then you can go with a Blogger and know how things work. 

You can also make money on Blogger, but the thing is you have to put in more effort.

If you are wondering which is good in blogger vs WordPress for making money, then it is always better to go with WordPress.

Now comes the answer to your question. At the beginning of the article, I asked you what the format that you like most in cricket is?

And I hope most of the people answer it as 20-20.

Because it gives a lot of entertainment as there is less number of overs compared to other formats. 

So players try to give their best in a short period, that is, in less number of overs, they try to score more.

Whereas in a test match, you can find a small difference in the player’s performance, which can play 20-20. The same player will score runs, but he takes some time and plays leisurely.

Here comes the similarity of Blogger vs WordPress and cricket match. 

If you host your site on Blogger, you may reap results, but it is similar to a test match.

So it takes time to see results.

Whereas, if you host your blog or website on WordPress, then it is similar to the T-20 match where you can have some fun and reap the results within a short period.

That’s all for today, aspiring bloggers!!!.

Keep hustling!!!

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