How to find Blog Niche Ideas in 2021- That You Will Not Regret Later

Today I am going to show you blog niche ideas in 2021, and You must wonder how to start a blog in 2021

Finding a topic for your blog can be a challenge for sure in 2021 because blogging is getting difficult day by day.!

Not that difficult. I’ll show you how I found my perfect niche for Blogging Ask.

I will show you my way of finding perfect blogging niches (i.e., what you want to blog about). And at I will also give you a massive list of profitable blog niches 2021 which will help you to start your blog right away. Some of best blogging niches 2021 are highly profitable.

blog niche ideas
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What Is a Blog Niche?

A blog niche is the subject or topic that you will be writing about on your website or blog. To keep it simple, it’s the answer to the question, “What is your Blog about?”

Picking up a right niche is an important step when starting a blog, since it’s a critical step that determines the success or failure of your blog.

Choosing the best blog niche very important if you are interested in making money online via your blog. 

What’s the Best Topic for Blogging?

It’s a million-dollar question! If you ask any blogging guru, everyone tells a slightly different answer. 

Some say to write about what knowledge do you have, some say to choose a blog topic you are passionate about, and in that way you will never run out of blog ideas. 

Both are good advice based on your goals!

If you are just blogging for fun, then you should choose a blog niche ideas that you are passionate about. And you don’t need to be an expert on that subject but you should have some knowledge on the topic. 

If you are serious about making money blogging, you will need to choose a profitable blog niche. Your topic should have a vast audience, and that’s willing and able to spend money on things related to that particular blog topic. It would be best if it’s a popular topic. 

How to Choose a Blog Topic

Let’s say you decide to focus on “Health” for your blog niche.

It will be difficult for you to compete with popular and established blogs if you are blogging on such a general niche.

That’s why it’s important to choose a micro or narrower topic, like weight loss, or yoga.

Let’s say you decided to focus on a “travel”, but it’ll be hard to compete with well established and authority blogs around the particular topic. 

And it’s important to choose a micro niche such as budget travel, or travel to a certain region or place. 

On the other hand, you should not go too micro or narrow on your niche. 

While choosing a niche to blog about, you should pick a topic you can write about regularly for money years to come. 

And an extremely micro niche, like “best laptops for bloggers”, is not going to work well in the long run. 


Because you will struggle to find enough blog topics to write regularly, and after some time you may get bored with writing about the same topic over and over. 

And there are not enough readers and buyers for such a narrow blog topic to turn it into a profitable niche. 

There are three types of niches you can have:

One Core Niche

You can blog about one core niche. It is called your blogging niche. It means, when people go to your blog, the visitors know what your blog is all about.

For example, when you go to Shoutmeloud, you know that Harsh Aggarwal only blogs about blogging– that’s all.

When you go to Neil Patelyou know that he only blog about digital marketing.

And when you go to Backlinko, you will know that Brian’s blog is about SEO.

The benefits of blogging only one type of niche is:

Your topic defines you:

Just imagine if someone on Facebook is asking you if you of any food blogs and you answer that Deliciously Ella is your favorite food blogger.

You’ve connected with Ella, and her story and you’ve defined her as THE person for food recipes.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone asked for a travel blog or Health blog or whatever else, and people recommend you?

Your niche shows your blog’s credibility.

With one core niche, you are talking about one main topic, and it becomes clear you know your topic!

I’ve been talking about blogging, SEO, Technology Tips and Make Money online on my blog, and it’s been the last six months that I realize that my reach is growing and that more and more people are finding me because of my credibility.

It opens up the doors for roundups and collaborations.

It’s Always Easier to Find Your Readers.

By posting similar topics, a reader will stay on your blog to read your posts, sign up to your email list and follow you on social media.

You are building a tribe of loyal followers. Every pro blogger in the world suggests that one should always core niche blogging.

It’s Always Easier to Monetize.

Out of all my blogs, my free legal advice blog is the easiest to monetize and has become the leading business that makes me a little money.

Lifestyle Niche

So, I probably made a good case for starting a niche blog, eh?

But guess what?

Do you know Elna she started a mom blog at the initial point of time, but she has another lifestyle blog – Smart Mom IdeaImperfectly Mama.

Lifestyle blogs centre on a core theme and from that theme comes multiple topics.

So for my lifestyle blog, I do blogging on a lot of topics because lifestyle covers it up.

Why would someone want to start a lifestyle blog?

If You Can’t Figure Out Your Blog Niche, You are having a Lifestyle Niche Will Show You everything.

And if you cannot find your perfect niche, then it’s better to start with lifestyle.

I get emails from people that they want to start a blog, and their challenge is to figure out which niche they should pick.

I advise them to choose a lifestyle blog.

It is perfect.

You can blog about the lifestyle if you want. Or maybe you do travel blogging and health tips.

Whatever it is, a lifestyle blog niche is a tremendous first type of blog you can have.

And the great thing about starting a lifestyle blog is – after a few months of blogging – you will know your blog niche.

Your readers will resonate with one or two topics.

Here is more help on seeing if a Lifestyle niche is for you.

Pinterest Loves Lifestyle Niches

Pinterest is a visual search engine and eye candy for me! There are core niches on Pinterest that do well, and all of them are a lifestyle type of niches.


And as you know, Pinterest unrolled a new amazing profile look, and you can see each profile’s monthly engagements.

If their engagement is higher, then that means their pins and profiles are receiving more engagements. It shows that more people are viewing their pins.

And some of the highest numbers: lifestyle niches!

You will never run out of blog post ideas:

When you have a lifestyle blogging niche, you never really run out of ideas. Since you blog about multiple topics, you can lean into one topic for a while and then switch it up.

Or you can devote an entire month to one topic. Either way, you can pool from a lot of resources to help you come up with some blogging ideas.

A blog for One Demographic

Instead of focusing on blogging about one core topic or multiple topics, you blog about similar topics for one demographic.

When you look at the content, you can see that it’s also a core type of niche too.

The demographic niche is all about your audience’s avatar.

And this audience is interested in monetizing their blog.

So I blog around that topic of blogging for money:

Traffic building tips
Email list building tips
Monetization tips

Three Questions to Ask Yourself

Now that we looked at three different niches, to find out what you want to blog about, ask yourself these three questions.

Your passion?

What is the one thing you’re passionate about in your life right now?

Since your blog is something you have to keep up with for many months and possibly years, you will want to ensure you wake up each morning excited about your blog.

And having that strong motivation – the why behind your blog – will protect you from losing your way.

Is there a need for my niche?

How do you find out if you need your blog?

The easy way to ask others! Hit up other bloggers you know or go on social media and see what others are talking about in your niche.

Another way to find out if you need your blog topic is if one other person wants to know about your topic, then you can blog about it.

Because if you want to blog for fun or as a creative way, then all you need is one other person that would enjoy your blog posts.

Can you monetize it?

If you want to earn an income with your blog, your blog topic – or your niche – needs to help other people with their problems.

It means providing blog posts that can answer their questions, smooth their transitions or solve a problem they are having.

Finally, if you need to dive deep more into how to write a blog post and what to blog about, I have a word guide on that and more!

I’ll show you how to write a lifestyle blog post and a niche blog post and the six types of blog posts to help ramp up traffic.

Get a coffee or tea, sit back and read!

Remember, you don’t have to be an expert on one topic or have a degree to blog about a topic.

How I find the Top Blog Niches 2021?

Now I will tell how I find Blogging Ask as a perfect blogging niche for me. I started blogging in January 2017, and whenever I met newbies blogger, they usually ask me blogging related questions like:

  • How to Start a Blog
  • How to find a blogging niche,
  • How to build backlinks,
  • How to write high-quality articles
  • and much more.

Then, I decided to create a blog where I can share all my blogging experience so that I can answer to all blogging related questions in once place.

And I decided to book a Domain, i.e. BloggingAsk.com

One thing that you should keep in mind that once you have booked your domain name, you should also create a good email name that will look professional because it will help you while connecting with other peoples.

Good email names also help you when you approach the vendors for applying for affiliate programs.

All you need is the passion and drive to make this happen!

100+ Best Blog Niche Ideas 2021

Now that you know how to choose the blog niche, let’s dive in to Blogging Ask’s list of the best blog niches in 2021. This blog niches list contains the best niche for blogging in 2021, the best micro niches for blogging 2021.

General Blog Niche List 2021

Personal finance niches, including reducing your debt, paying down student loans, reducing expenses, investing, or cryptocurrencies.

Health and wellness niches, including weight loss, healthy eating, mental health, and mindfulness.

Parenting niches, including the various stages of children, the lives of moms and dads, or different parenting methods.

Self-improvement niches, including different philosophies or styles, methods, or ideas for different age groups or demographics, and more.

Building websites niches, including how to build sites with WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, how to design a site theme, and everything else related to websites.

Lifestyle blog niches, including beauty and health, fashion, celebrities, alternate lifestyles like camping, peppers, and more. Now, let’s look at some specific blog niches ideas. 

Travel Blog Niches 2021

City guides.

Travel tips.

Learning a new language.

Traveling for work.

Sports travel: how to travel to go skiing, snowboarding, or other.

Traveling to see your favorite sporting events such as major league sports, Olympics, or others

Minimalist Traveling

Working while traveling

Being a working nomad

Fitness and Sports Niches 

Yoga for specific age groups.

CrossFit training.

Cycling for beginners.

Home cycle repair.

Running and marathons.



Training for a specific sport or event.

Self-defense training for women, kids, single travelers, or others

Blog Niches for Hobbies

Gardening for condo dwellers.

Drawing for newbies.

How to draw anime.

Learning to play the ukulele or mandolin.


Makeup tutorials and help.

Community gardening.

Creating great videos with your smartphone

Food Blog Niches 2021


Sparkling wines and champagnes

Exotic cuisines: culture and tutorials.

Home-cooked meals for specific niches like frugal cooking, vegan cooking, and more.

Baking for kids.

Craft beers.

Meal planning with kids.

Meal planning for busy couples.

Food travel: learning how to cook the local cuisine while traveling

Entertainment Blog Niches

Genre-based movie or TV review sites.

Funny pet videos.

Musical theater fans.

Opera and classical music fans.

Stand-up comedy instruction.

Upcoming events for a specific group, locale, or genre.

Gaming Blog Niches 2021

Video game tutorials for beginners.

Game reviews for specific platforms or genres.

Game walkthroughs and tips.

Strategy games help.

Card games and board games for those who like analog gaming.

Relationships Blog Topics 2021

Blended families.

Weddings and marriage.

Life after divorce

Green Blog Niches

Eco-friendly homes.

Living green with a family.

Sewing your own clothes.

Canning and other “retro” food preparations that have gone out of style.

Urban commuting (walking, cycling, public transportation, or other methods).

Living more sustainably.

Moving to the country.

Life in the country for city slickers

Education and Career Blog Topics

Career advice for specific jobs or industries.

Career coaching.

Learning new skills to get a new job.

Study hacks for high school or college students.

Starting a side-hustle.


College planning for home-schoolers.

Pet and Animal Blog Niches

Rescue animals.

Getting a dog, cat, or other pet for beginners.

Farm animals as pets.

Working farm animals (think using goats to keep your lawn trimmed, that sort of thing)

Technology Blog Niches

Building a mobile application.

Building a mobile application without coding.

Mobile apps for seniors

These are the best blogging niche ideas 2021. You can start your own blog just by picking up a topic and start making money.

What blog niches are most profitable?

These are the most profitable blog Niches
Food Blogs.
Personal Finance Blogs.
Making Money Online Blogs.
Health Blogs. …
Fitness Blogs. …
Beauty and Fashion Blogs. …
Other Lifestyle Blogs.

What niche should I blog about?

People start their blog without thinking about what they will blog about and after a few months, they quit blogging. This is because they start a blog in a niche where they have no interest or experience.
My suggestion is to start a blog in a niche where you have a little bit of experience or interest.

What are the most profitable blog topics?

These are 8 Most Popular Blogs for Making Money.
Sewing. Sewing and Knitting niche has a lot of potential on Pinterest. …
Parenting Blog.
Health. …
Lifestyle. …
Frugal Living. …
Home Decor. …


That’s it for today! Your action task is to think about your blog’s niche. What do you want to blog about?

I hope now you have understood how to find a profitable Blog niche ideas for your blog in 2021.

best micro niche for blogging 2021

Don’t forget to mention in the comment section below and tell me which best micro niche for blogging 2021 you have selected. If you’re struggling, I can help.

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