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If you’re looking for a guest posting sites where you can publish free posts in 2024, then the right place is here.

In this post, we will provide you with a curated list of 200+ websites that allow guests to create and post their content without paying.

Guest posting on authoritative and relevant blogs is a proven way to increase traffic and boost your site’s ranking in search engine results.

But finding the right sites to guest post on can be tricky.

Here is a list of over 200 high-quality blog posts you may want to explore, which should help improve your site’s rankings or organic traffic for 2024!

There are so many benefits of guest posting, and we will discuss them in detail below.

The biggest benefit of guest posting is that it helps you build strong relationships with other bloggers. It allows you to develop your personal brand, connect with an audience, and network with other bloggers.

When you write content on another blogger’s blog, you are giving the owner a favor and are expected to reciprocate.

You can use this platform to ask for a link back to your site or for a mention in their next post. This is one of the most powerful ways to generate traffic from guest posts.

Another benefit of guest posting is that it increases your site’s domain authority, which helps search engines rank your site higher in SERPs (search engine results pages).

Guest posting can also help you to attract traffic from other sources, such as social media, email marketing, and more.

Many websites have a link back to the author’s page in the footer. This is another excellent way to get inbound traffic from guest posting.

If your site has a lot of quality content, readers will naturally want to read more of your work and visit your website. This is one of the best ways to get high-quality traffic for free.

The other benefit of guest posting is that it helps you improve your writing skills and learn about new topics, which will help you to become a better blogger overall.

You can also use guest posting as a way to promote your brand and build your personal brand.

How to Get a Guest Post on a High Authority Blog

The first step is to find blogs that accept guest posts. Once you’ve done this, you should choose the relevant ones for your niche. This will help you get the most out of your guest posting efforts.

You can use Google search operators like allintitle:” guest post” or inurl:” write for us” or intext:” write for us” to find blogs that accept guest posts and are relevant to your niche.

You can also use tools like BuzzSumo, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, and Open Site Explorer, which will help you find high-authority sites in any niche.

You can use these tools to find popular content related to your topic and look for authors on those sites who link back to their websites (in their author bio, for example).

Once you’ve found a site that accepts guest posts and is relevant to your niche, you can contact the author and ask if they are interested in accepting guest posts on a regular basis.

If you can offer something of value to the author, such as links to your website or social media profiles, then it’s likely that they will be more likely to accept your offer.

You should also make sure that you do some keyword research before reaching out to know what content is already ranking for keywords related to your niche.

This will help you create content that will be relevant to the site’s readers and will help you get a link back from them.

Once an authority site has accepted your guest post, it’s important that you share it across all of your social profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The Benefits of Guest Blogging.

Guest blogging can be very effective. 

  • It gives you high-quality, targeted, and niche-specific backlinks that drive more targeted traffic to your website.
  • Guest blog posts also increase your website’s domain authority (DA), which will help with search engine rankings for pages on your site or in relation to content targeting a particular keyword/phrase.
  • This strategy is helpful when it comes to branding purposes.
  • Building relationships with other bloggers.
  • Connect with their readers or to improve writing skills about a specific topic.

Remember to read and follow the submission guidelines and there is no guarantee that any of the sites listed below will accept your content contribution, no matter how high quality and well-written your guest post is.

High authority websites and blogs that accept guest posts in 2024

Best Guest posting sites
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Browse Guest Posting sites to guest post on:

  • Blogging, lifestyle & entertainment,
  • Business, finance & marketing,
  • Digital marketing, social media & SEO,
  • Technology, gadgets & computers,
  • Web design, web development & WordPress

Blogging, Lifestyle, and Entertainment

A List of blogs and websites about blogging, lifestyle, and entertainment that accept guest posts and high-quality content contributions.

CategoryWebsiteDomain AuthorityAlexa RankDifficultyLink
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentHuffington Post98177Very HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentLifehacker93687HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentBuzzFeed93184EasyContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentWikiHow91168EasyContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentEHow912,279HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentMakezine9012,236ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentA List Apart9029,485HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentHow Stuff Works881,631HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentBlogher8737,649EasyContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentLifehack832,295ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentSelf Growth7727,055ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentDaily Blog Tips7578,228ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentPick The Brain6753,852ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentThe Blog Herald67174,557ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentWonder How To653,745ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentDumb Little Man6556,657ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentSpecky Geek60358,374ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentWrite To Done5998,284ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentThe Write Life5849,276ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentKikolani5696,426ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentInspirationfeed5658,314ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentLive Write Thrive54401,584ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentFreelance Writing54113,398ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentBlog Engage5166,474ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentBasic Blog Tips51128,991ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentFamous Bloggers51145,412ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentBlog Dash45204,042ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentSuccessful Blogging44173,162ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentWe Blog Better43376,100ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentiBlog Zone43375,359ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentHellBound Bloggers4153,478ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentBloggers Passion4059,762ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentIntense Blog38275,572ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentCareer Metis33297,341ModerateContribute

Business, Finance and General Marketing

List of blogs and websites about business, finance, and general marketing that accept guest posts and high-quality content contributions.

CategoryWebsiteDomain AuthorityAlexa RankDifficultyLink
Business, Finance & General MarketingForbes97217Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingBusiness Insider95292Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingSurvey Monkey Blog94610HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingFast Company923,960Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingEntrepreneur921,086Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingInc.921,469Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingHarvard Business Review912,739Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingVenture Beat902,886HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingAbout.com90485Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingInvestopedia87764Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingSmall Biz Trends8414,272HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingSeeking Alpha831,888HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingBusiness.com8224,022HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingBusiness 2 Community819,237HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingAll Business8034,112ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingBenzinga7926,458ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingAll Business7640,885HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingWise Bread7425,908ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingInvesting.com73719HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingFeedster70426,330ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingBizSugar6946,272ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingSiteProNews6955,054ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingBusiness-Opportunities69176,638ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingBplans6812,991HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingMoney Saving Mom6650,207ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingStartup Grind6562,916ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingCustomer Think6590,204ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingStartup Nation64105,448ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingKiller Startups6492,514ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingAccounting Web6350,559EasyContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingTraining Zone62272,612EasyContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingThe Penny Hoarder621,180HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingMy Customer61111,294EasyContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingMy Corporation60170,531ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingBusiness Zone59121,293EasyContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingTweak Your Biz5867,256ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingHR Zone56160,606EasyContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingMirasee53159,848ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingFearless Flyer53826,578EasyContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingInc 425241,644ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingWomen on Business52405,645ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingEcopreneurist51496,180ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingCEO.com51335,815ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingNoobpreneur48250,249ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingSMBCEO47560,842ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingYoungupstars47278,709ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingSmall Business Can43412,625ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingSmall Business Bonfire38752,654ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingE Secret34235,758EasyContribute

Digital Marketing, Social Media and SEO

A list of blogs and websites about digital marketing, social media, and search engine optimization that accept guest posts and high-quality content contributions.

CategoryWebsiteDomain AuthorityAlexa RankDifficultyLink
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOGoDaddy Garage97131HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOOutbrain Blog95177HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOAdweek922,797Very HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSearch Engine Land914,256Very HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOHubspot91535HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOCopy Blogger8922,600HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSearch Engine Watch8810,799HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOContent Marketing Institute8624,329HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSocial Media Examiner866,276HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOMarketing Land8419,485Very HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOKissMetrics846,807HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOCrazy Egg8419,105HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSocial Media Today8416,001HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOMedia Contribute8435,519HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSearch Engine Journal839,089HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOClickZ8348,052HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSearch Engine Roundtable8224,321Very HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOPsfk8050,794ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSmart Insights8012,224HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOConvince & Convert8046,408HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSEMRush802,159ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOMarketing Profs7926,869HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOContently7428,905HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEODuct Tape Marketing7472,347ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSocial Media Explorer73138,065HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSEO Chat7124,057HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOAdvanced Web Ranking6773,210ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSearch Engine People6483,969ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSocial Nomics63230,109ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOThe SEM Contribute6163,405ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOIncome Diary5635,916ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSociable Blog54555,761ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOTwelve Skip5139,390ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOGrowmap51142,294ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOGuerrilla Marketing49149,813ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSEO-Hacker4897,577ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOClickFire47811,521ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSocial Media Sun43488,836ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOPPC.org42661,101ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEODaily SEO Blog401,027,440ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOYour Escape From 9 to 535959,597ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSocial Media Impact35745,360ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSEOBlog32133,367ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOTricky Enough29313,756ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOLaunch a Blog291,270,447ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSolvid Blog28687,960ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOLocal SEO Lads24888,960ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOTechniblogic2897,316ModerateContribute

Technology, Gadgets and Computers

A list of blogs and websites about technology, gadgets, and computers that accept guest posts and high-quality content contributions.

CategoryWebsiteDomain AuthorityAlexa RankDifficultyLink
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersWired971,013Very HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersTech Crunch94523Very HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersEngadget94599HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersZDNet942,789Very HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersThe Verge93600Very HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersThe Next Web911,960HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersRead Contribute9022,707HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersGigaom8828,938HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersTech Republic883,295HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersNew Atlas855,283HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersGSM Arena83359Very HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersOpensource7417,033ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersTechno Buffalo7312,571HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersGizmodo.co.uk7027,613Very HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersTech Vibes69130,108HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersAddictive Tips6114,235ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersI Love Free Software4945,839ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersDragDropr44450,515EasyContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersiAmWire4460,733ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersTechnically Easy41509,485ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersGeek Estate Blog41497,054ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersTechEngage35266,052ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersTech Walls3471,681ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersMartech Today28186,085HardContribute

Web Design, Web Development and WordPress

A list of blogs and websites about web design, web development, web hosting, and WordPress that accept guest posts and high-quality content contributions.

CategoryWebsiteDomain AuthorityAlexa RankDifficultyLink
Web Design / Development & WordPressWPSecurityNinja272,249,289ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressThemeBounce221,289,604ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressSmashing Magazine903,914Very HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressCreative Bloq872,482HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressSitepoint86981HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressCSS Tricks841,474HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressTemplate Monster842,637ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressCodepen83847EasyContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressTheme Isle8210,930ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressEnvato Tuts+821,607HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressTympanus803,800HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressWeb Design Depot797,889HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressAndroid Central791,499HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressDzone794,460HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressHongkiat792,060HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressSix Revisions7843,295ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressAndroid Authority741,953HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressSpecky Boy7313,156HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressWeb Design Ledger7231,447ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPress1st Web Designer7117,064ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressNoupe7034,575HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressUX Booth6879,775ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressInstant Shift6637,511ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressVandelay Design6428,227ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressDesign Shack6415,061ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressOnextra Pixel6440,854ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressWP Tavern6439,222ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressWP Lift5761,038ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressTheme Circle573,535,526EasyContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressMen With Pens56341,956ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressCode In WP5622,564ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressDesignr Fix5455,023ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressCrazy Leaf Design53300,253ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressTorquemag5254,621ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressSpyre Studios5293,064ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressWP Mayor4956,713ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressUsability Geek48101,212ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressCreative Overflow48238,190ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressDesign Beep4767,598ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressUnder Construction Page44443,721ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressWPDesigner431,250,635ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressWP Eka42177,044ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressSuperbThemes3344,651ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressMy WP Tips331,618,258EasyContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressTidy Repo32816,565EasyContribute

Best Guest Posting Sites checklist

1. Find sites that accept guest posts.

2. Create a list of blogs in your niche.

3. Find contact information for each site, including the editor’s name and email address.

4. Write an amazing guest post pitch, following their guidelines, and include links to your other content (if applicable).

5. Contact each site with a personalized email and wait for their reply to be accepted or not accepted!

6. You can use free services like Help A Reporter Out (HARO) to find opportunities to guest post on popular publications.

You can also use Google Alerts to keep up with new opportunities as they arise by tracking keywords related to your business or industry and then reaching out directly when you see something that might be a good fit for your brand! To learn more about HARO, check out this article.  

7 . Create content in advance for the blog post you’ll write for the publication of your guest

Final thoughts on free guest posting sites for 2024

Do you know any popular blogs that accept guest posts? Please let us know in the comments section!

You can also check out our list of excellent guest posting sites.

We’re aiming to make it a one-stop shop for guest bloggers seeking websites where they can blog.

Let us know if there are any other places.

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