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Do you want to increase website traffic?

If yes, you are in the right place.

In this blog post, I will be showing you various ways to increase website traffic. 

To make sales from your Website, you need to have a steady flow of visitors.

This is often best achieved by using many marketing strategies rather than focusing on one thing.

Traffic needs to be like an oasis in the desert, a place where everyone on their journey requires calling at.

Unfortunately, it can easily cost the beginner to internet marketing an arm and a leg, and sometimes it will very near-bankrupt them.

The beginner has to concentrate on low-cost or free methods until they become established on the Internet. 

Here are some tips on how to increase Website traffic that can help you to get more conversions/sales.

Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic Fast

The Best Ways to Increase website traffic and generate sales.

Powerful Ways to Increase Website Traffic
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1. Video Marketing:

By placing a short video about your business, product, or service on highly trafficked websites, you can tap into the already their traffic.

Additionally, if you name your video using highly searched keywords, your video will come up in Google searches when people search for a particular topic. 

See, sites like YouTube and Google Videos are already highly indexed by Google, so those sites pay for hosting, bandwidth, and advertising to get traffic. So ride the coattails of these sites – put yourself where the traffic is.

Your video does not have to be elaborate or professionally made. Many internet marketers use simple homemade videos made on their webcams, digital cameras, or even cell phones. 

Once your video is made, you can also use it as a sales tool on your Website, blog, or even on sites like eBay.

2. SEO and Keyword Research:

Suppose you are passionate about increasing traffic on your Website.

In that case, this article will provide you with some valuable tips that you can follow for doing effective SEO and keyword research. 

Never be hasty when optimizing your Website for the search engines because it’s the most sensitive thing you will be doing for getting on time and perfect traffic to the Website.

Keyword density determination and calculation must be done with patience and full attention because it plays a vital role in bringing more and more traffic to your Website.

There are many tools on hand that you can use for effective SEO and keyword research, and some of them are Google Keyword Tool, Google Suggestions, and Google Insight.

Here is a list of some best SEO tools that you can use any day.

Google Keyword Tool will help you determine the number of people who search for your particular keyword and do efficient optimization. In addition, you can save all of your data in an Excel file so you can refer to it at any time of need. 

There are many affordable keyword software that will save you a lot of time in doing several tasks simultaneously, which can make your task much more manageable.

3. Writing an eBook:

So you have a website, you have been busy writing articles for driving traffic, and now you are looking for another method to uncover traffic for your Website. 

Well, look no further because free eBooks are a great and easy next step to increase traffic. The great thing about ebooks is that just like articles, an eBook can generate traffic for you for many years to come without any more work on your part.

We are also offering a FREE ebook on our blog which gives you a 1900+ Blog Niches list. If you wish to Grab it then Click on the button below.

So how do you create an eBook?  

A free eBook can be easily created by looking at the articles you already have at your disposal and using them to help you compile a 10-20 page eBook.

Begin by reviewing the most popular articles you have and using them as a guide to the information people are looking for. These articles can be used to help you create the outline of your book.

You already know you are creating something people are looking for because of your articles.  

Unlike an article that briefly covers a single topic, your eBook should cover several related topics.

Once you have your outline developed, write a more detailed solution that covers several related topics. Remember, as always, to provide high-quality information.

4. Directory Submission: 

Most of the directories do not drive visitors, but it is helpful to increase the Page Rank (PR) of your site. A page rank is essential to determine how important your site is in the search engine’s eyes. 

There are plenty of free directories to join, but most of the directories with higher PR require a small amount of money for your site to be listed on their directory.

5. Content is the king: 

Update your site continually with fresh and exciting content to keep your visitors coming back. Provide your visitors with valuable articles and tools so that they feel your site is essential. 

Make your site easy to navigate and make sure that all of your links are working well. A friendly website attracts more visitors.

Make sure you are checking out your competitors each day.

Use tools such as Semrush or Ahrefs. Here is an in-depth comparison between both – Semrush vs. Ahrefs.

6. Joint Venture Partnership:

Now, let’s not forget that you might be a newbie in the online business, so I’m going to assume you do not have a list yet.

You could go into Joint Venture with Website Owners who have the kind of visitors you are looking to target your Website.

This strategic step will also help you to build your list. 

This strategy works based on your approach too. You need to provide a win-win situation for you and your joint venture partner.

Your JV Partner will likely partner with you if they know that your products are suitable for their audience.

7. Offline Lead Building:

You might be surprised, but this is a very effective way of building traffic for your new Website.

I used it for my very first information product website, and it worked like fire.

It’s so effective. Though it has not been a trendy topic on the Internet for some time now, I think you should try using this strategy because the leads you generate are excellent and laser-targeted!.

Ways of using this strategy would include speaking at seminars (some of the best customers), renting different lists for your postcards, advertising in magazines, advertising in daily newspapers, etc.

Please note that you will likely spend more money or more time for leads you generate off the Internet, but it is worth it because you can expand into a lot more advertising here.

8. Using Your Email List:

By the time you get to this step, you should have built your email list. This is the best type of traffic to send to your (new) Website.

This is because Your list comprises people who have chosen to trust you by giving you their money, email, and name in exchange for your offerings. 

So when you contact them again with your new Website, they’ll be inclined to go check out what you have this time, and what’s more, you never can tell.

They might refer your site to a friend, colleague, or relative!

And there you go, news about your site spreads, and you get quality visits that generate sales and profits.

9. Social Networking Sites:

Create relationships at social networking sites. A considerable part of your promotion will be involved in getting inbound links, which build your reputation with search engines.

Many people use public social networks like Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, or community forums to get those links.

The trick is to include your inbound link with appropriate anchor text on every post you make. 

However, never post to get that link out there; every person reading your comment is a potential customer, and your job is to make them like you.

How do you feel when someone barges into a conversation and tries to sell you a vacuum cleaner? Same thing.

Link building, or generating backlinks, is a technique to get website visitors to your Website.

The idea was initiated by Google, saying that in a case where one particular Internet site features a backlink that points to a few various other websites. 

This means that the connecting web page is endorsing the opposite internet site on their web page. So, accordingly, the better the Website is, the higher the volume of backlinks that are aimed at that individual website. 

This unique idea is now labeled as link popularity. A lot of site designers are sometimes serious with regard to their specific website link popularity.

Plenty tested out fraudulent techniques by buying numerous text inbound links from a particular website. 

Nonetheless, this system performs simply for the short term. The periodic modifications produced by Google referred to as the Google boogie, modifies its formulas regularly.

11. Marketing With Articles:

Yes indeed! Among the oldest methods for getting traffic to your Website, marketing with articles still dominates the roost among the most powerful methods of acquiring free website traffic. 

What is more, it is so astonishingly simple, and if you haven’t developed your marketing with articles strategy yet, it is about time you developed it. 

And in the very spirit of the word “free,” because you naturally have a specific sum of expertise in your niche, all you must do is follow some suggestions on how to compose an article and compose your articles by yourself.

There is no definitive rule stating you must employ a freelance author to compose your articles.

12. Design your Website In the Right Way:

Now, this doesn’t stand for hi-tech add-ons or other state-of-the-art graphics, although that surely could not hurt.

At the same time, what is a lot more vital is making your Website SEO compatible. 

When choosing a domain name, pick one that contains the keywords your Website is planned around.

This by itself could have a significant effect on the quantity of free Website traffic that you’ll receive. 

Back up your domain name by utilizing alt descriptions, header tag descriptions, and meta tag descriptions in the suitable positions, and you’re quickly on your path to pulling in that free traffic you so frequently view going off to websites outside your own.

If you inquired why that happens, now you are sure.

13. PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing:

One of the most important matters for having more traffic on the net is having a good rank in search engines.

This is because people search for keywords worldwide 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

It’s a continuous process, and your success is guaranteed if you obtain an excellent rank even in ONE famous search engine ( If you do so, you will have good ranks in other search engines as I said most of them use similar methods for ranking, but it’s to emphasize that just one search engine can make you succeed)

But it’s not easy to have a good position and rank in a search engine in a short time. PPC is an easy way that shows your link in the best position within 30 minutes.

First, you should assign your favorite keywords and some other information for the search engine, and then you can see your web address on the FIRST page (in the sponsored sites area) when you search your keyword.

It is an effective way that has lots of influences.

You won’t be paid until you gain a new visitor. You pay an expense if only somebody clicks on your link. And in most PPC providers’ websites, YOU assign the fee you are satisfied to pay for any click on your link.

This kind of advertising will attract only TARGETED visitors to your Website. For example, suppose that you are advertising your Website that provides mechanical tools on a billboard located at an IT college entrance. 

Even if you attract anyone, you have not attracted a targeted PROSPECT to your Website. However, you will attract targeted visitors when you publish your ad on a billboard in an industrial zone.

Your ad will be shown only when somebody is searching about your defined keywords, so ALL OF the visitors you gain by this way are targeted, and it’s so important.

14. Write and distribute press releases: 

A press release is not only a cost-effective and efficient means for getting your news to a large audience, but it can also help drive traffic to your Website, mainly when circulated online.

A distribution service can help deliver your press release to a broad online audience.

Companies such as PRLeap will even distribute your release for free. But, of course, you’ll always want to include your Web site’s URL in any press release.

That way, whenever it’s posted online, you’ll have another one-way link back to your Website.

15. Offer Value:

Your Website needs to offer extreme value and keep regularly offering new value. This could be in the form of free reports or videos or even free training or newsletters. 

Offer links to recommended resources that you have used, and don’t just list a heap of links.

Again they need to be relevant and of value because as soon as you start offering rubbish products, you lose respect and therefore visitors. 

Do not advertise or promote anything that is in direct competition with your product or service.

Conclusion of increase website traffic free

It would be best if you realized that getting traffic to your Website is not a one-time task.

You need commitment and consistency to the various traffic tips to drive massive traffic to your site over a process of time.

So following all these strategies, your site will get a big load of traffic to your Website for potential customers.

You have to keep an eye on the traffic strategies almost every day to keep getting potential customers.


I am Shubham Chopra, founder of Marketing Savior and an exuberant content creator with a great zest for providing insightful reviews about digital products that will help startups & SMEs penetrate the online world.
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