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You were searching for SemRush Free Trial, weren’t you?

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Don’t worry, you are going to get a SemRush 7 days guru or pro account for free worth $99.

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Keyword research is the secret behind every successful blogger. And it is also the secret behind the success of my website. Without thoroughly keyword research you cannot make money blogging. 

Not only the health of my website but also proper analysis, strategies used by my competitors while putting their keywords and also utilizing them properly to build my kingdom.

And, SEMrush is the only tool that one-handedly does all this for me perfectly. 

If you are looking for a SEMrush free trial, that means you already know the power of proper keyword research and SEMrush can help you increase your rankings, reveal golden keywords, track your competitors for the keywords.

It also helps you in building backlink strategies and eventually rank your site on the first page.

How to Redeem SEMRush Coupon Code for Free Trial?

Semrush Free Trial
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Being an amazing reader of Blogging Ask you will get SEMrush coupon code. 

With this discount code, you can grab SEMrush’s plan free for 7 days worth $99.95.

Why Choose SEMrush and What are the benefits? 

So, here are some amazing and quick benefits of SEMrush only for you.

Yet, if you want to know more about it, you can read its detailed review here

Keyword Research: 

SEMrush helps you uncover profitably and money-making keywords for your blog which have less competition.

To get the best out of it, you have to enter your main keyword to uncover new potential rankable keywords. SEMrush also provides you the search volume of any keyword and CPC.

If you want to get better results, then put your competitor’s domain, and it will give the exact keywords that are pushing organic traffic to their website. 

Believe me, you can steal that money making keywords, I would say. 

SEMrush helps you to check the backlink profile of your competitor’s along with its anchor text data, recent additions, page score and much more. 

Site Audits 

This is one of the best sections of SEMrush that helps you improve the overall health of your website and content strategy.

Once you find it, you can easily rectify them.

Adwords Ad Idea 

If you are only a blogger then this tool is not for you but if you want to try to go for it.

This tool is called PLA (product listing ads). It helps you to find out whether your competitor has ever used Adwords to run ads for any keyword.  

You can also track any domain (your competitor) if they have ever used paid ads. And then you can also bid for those keywords to get the best out of it. 

Track SERP Position

Nothing can be worse than not checking if your efforts are heading in the right direction. 

With this amazing tool, you can easily keep your eyes on your keywords that are ranking and then analyze their drop and rise in the search ranking (result).  

How to Use Semrush?

You must have heard that content is the king but without a kingdom, the king has no value. So, to build an empire you need golden keywords. And SEMrush is the only tool that helps you find untapped keywords.  

SEMrush is one of the best tools for competitor’s research and keyword research. It helps you to track your website’s rise and drop in the search results. And also you can keep your eyes on your competitor’s ranking.

Profitable keywords are like breastfeeding to a newborn baby and if you won’t profit from your blog then you must use SEMrush for finding uncover keywords. 

SEmrush free trial gives you ample time to reveal hell lot of keywords.

Follow the steps below to Get SEMrush Free Trial

1. Choose your plan and by clicking on the button you will redirect to SEMrush sign up page. 

2. Now enter your email and password to create your account.

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3. Now you have landed on its billing page. Don’t worry above given link contains a special discount code, and you don’t need to put it separately.  And enter your billing information. 


It will deduct a small amount from your credit card to check your card’s validity.

Don’t panic and stay relaxed because it will be refunded to you in no time.

This is only for confirmation of your account’s legality. Not a single penny will be charged to you until your trial ends. 

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4. Congratulations, you have successfully grabbed SEMrush free trial,  courtesy of Blogging Ask.

1. Can I cancel SEMrush free trial?

Yes, definitely you can do that. SEMrush will not charge you a single penny for fourteen days, and if you wish to cancel it, you can do it without any hesitation.
If you don’t want to continue with SEMrush then I suggest you cancel it before the trial ends. It will save you from last-minute hiccups. 

2. Can I sign up for both the offers (SEMrush Pro & SEMrush Guru)

Sadly not. It offers only a trial per user. So, make sure to choose your plan carefully.
If you are only a blogger then SEMrush Pro would be a great option for you, and if you are SEO’s or Agency Owner go for SEMrush Guru. SEMrush Guru plan offers extra features that they mostly require. 


If you have successfully grabbed the SEMrush free trial don’t’ forget to make a huge list of profitable keywords, backlink data and do proper competitor research. 

Dive deep into the reports collect the keywords of your competitors, analyze their backlink profile that will help you create a profitable blog or website till you can purchase SEMrush monthly. 

Semrush Free Trial
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