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Undoubtedly, SEO plugins are among the most useful WordPress plugins.

Many people go for popular WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast SEO without considering alternatives.2

What if there was a WordPress SEO plugin that is better and offers more features for free?

I’m talking about Rank Math today. The purpose of this article is not to review Rank Math; it is to explain why Rank Math is better than Yoast SEO.

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My bias against Rank Math and any other SEO plugin besides Yoast SEO was not based on my experience with Rank Math, but rather my love of Yoast SEO plugin, which I had used for about 5 years.

That’s why I declined whenever anyone recommended Rank Math or any other SEO plugin to me. 

The other day, I was looking for a free redirection plugin. A friend of mine told me that if you had Rank Math, you wouldn’t have needed any redirection plugins.

You can get it for free with Rank Math. I decided to try it out. What I’ve been missing is more than redirection; there’s more.

Before I discuss Rank Math vs Yoast SEO, I would like to say that Yoast is not a bad tool. The Rank Math SEO plugin is much better. In other words, it is the best. I am going to share my reasoning in this post today.

What is Rank Math?

Why Rank Math Is Better Than Yoast SEO
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Rank Math is an SEO WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your blog and its content to get better Search Engine ranking (SERPs) to drive organic traffic.

It was founded back in 2020 by a popular WordPress Theme & Plugin author called “MyThemeShop” to help marketers improve their on-page SEO.

Rank Math is an extremely popular WordPress in the digital marketing community With over 2 million active installations and a 4.9/5 star rating on WordPress based on 5.5K comments.

You can utilize Rank Math’s unique SEO features to improve website visibility, increase online presence, and scale your business. 

The company strives to provide users with more on-page SEO features and a better user experience.

One of the best things about the Rank Math SEO plugin is that it offers many features for free you will not find in other SEO plugins for WordPress.

However, the Rank Math Pro Plugin offers a variety of unique SEO features that can help improve your website’s visibility in SERPs, boost website rankings, and help reach a wider audience. 

17 Reasons Why Rank Math is Better than Yoast SEO

Rank math seo benefits
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I was unaware of the benefits of switching from Yoast SEO to Rank Math until I used it myself. The only way to find out what’s inside is to explore it.

When I installed the Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin, I immediately fell in love with it and purchased its premium version.

If you are a Yoast or other popular WordPress SEO plugin fan, you’ll find plenty of reasons to try Rank Math.

Before installing Yoast SEO, I reviewed all current popular WordPress SEO plugins. Therefore, I won’t compare Rank Math with any other SEO plugin. In this article, we’ll compare Rank Math vs Yoast SEO.

I was inclined toward Yoast SEO plugin even before I explored Rank Math. My decision to write this article today was influenced by some of the best features that rank math offers.

In this article, I will only discuss the benefits that led me to choose Rank Math and uninstall the Yoast SEO plugin from my websites.

Here are the reasons I switched to Rank Math.

1. Redirection 

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Yoast SEO plugin has a redirection feature, but it is limited to the premium version. In order to access this feature, you have to pay $89 per year.

On the other hand in, Rank Math is entirely free. Honestly, I am not interested in paying for something I can access for free.

However, this isn’t the reason for putting this feature in the first place. It was the redirection feature that led me to Rank Math.

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I don’t have to pay $89 for Yoast Premium or install any other redirection plugin on my website. So basically, Rank Math alone helped me save $89 per year per website.

Rank Math’s auto-redirection feature is a great tool. Whenever you change the URL of any page or post, it will be automatically redirected to a new URL without losing SEO.

2. Elementor SEO

Rank math elementor seo
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Elementor is the most popular WordPress page builder.

This page-builder plugin has over 5+ million active installs and nearly 5571 5-star ratings on the WordPress directory.

Elementor is loved by people all over the world for creating websites. Likewise, I have used this popular plugin to build plenty of websites.

When it comes to optimizing websites and pages for SEO, Yoast wasn’t very helpful.

It was impossible to optimize SEO using the Elementor interface. Optimization of SEO takes a lot of effort.

For me, Rank Math, however, does an excellent job. It allows you to manage SEO through the Elementor interface.

Rather than returning to the WordPress default editing mode and returning to Elementor to apply suggestions, you can check your SEO score directly from Elementor Dashboard and apply suggestions and changes.

Using the Rank Math plugin, the Elementor interface allows you to do all these things.

Rank Math is an all-in-one solution for Elementor. When you use Yoast SEO with Elementor, you cannot work on SEO optimization.

3. Multiple Focus Keywords 

rank math focus keyword
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In SEO, the focus keyword is the keyword or key phrase you are interested in ranking for. But you do know that’s not enough. 

In order to rank for a primary keyword, you need supporting keywords that are known as LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing). 

Yoast SEO’s free version allows you to optimize your content based on one keyword. Rank Math, on the other hand, allows you to analyze and optimize up to 5 keywords at once.

By doing this, you will certainly have a better chance of ranking better in SERP.

Again, the best thing about Rank Math is that you can rank higher without paying anything for more than one keyword.

4. Local SEO

rank math local seo
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Rank Math is one of the best free SEO plugins for WordPress. It offers free features like local SEO.

With its rich snippet support, Rank Math supports 193 types of local businesses.

Currently, Yoast SEO does not support local SEO in its plugin.

If you wish to optimize your website with local SEO, then you have to purchase its Local SEO plugin for $69 for a single site, which is quite costly as rank math offers this for free.

The process of placing the Google MAP API key, as well as setting up business hours and other information, can be time consuming.

With Rank Math, you can have local SEO features with one WordPress SEO plugin.

With Rank Math, I do not need to spend $69 on local SEO or install any new plugins.

5. Snippet Editor

rank math snippet editior
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With Rank Math, you can customize the look of each page and post on social media. There are many options available in Snippet Editor, including changing the description, adding an image for social media, and selecting the card type for Twitter.

yoast twitter card
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In Yoast SEO, Snippet Editor is only available to premium subscribers. Rank Math offers it for free.

No need to pay $89 for Yoast Premium to use the Snippet Editor.

6. Schema

It is important to understand schema markup if you want to improve the SEO of your website. You can stand out on the SERP by using schema. With Rank Math, you can manage the schema of your website.

You can add rich data based on the schema type you choose (Article, video, Event, Recipe, Product, and more). Different types have different data input options.

rank math snippet editor
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Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Yandex created schema as a collaborative effort, and it has become one of the most popular means of adding rich data to web pages.

Yoast does not have the option to add rich data. With Rank Math, you don’t have to install any separate schema plugins.

7. Role Manager

rank math role manager
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Rank Math SEO allows you to control who controls the SEO on your website.

For example, you can disable SEO options for Contributors and Authors. The Role Manager feature in Rank Math allows you to control that.

Yoast did not offer the option to manage SEO roles.

8. Advanced SEO Analysis on 40 Factors

You must be using different websites like Mozwooorank, and SEO Analyzer, but once you will install Rank Math, you will not use these sites that much. My dashboard in Rank Math allows you to check your website’s SEO analysis.

Rank Math’s SEO Analyzer not only provides you with an overall SEO score but also gives you recommendations for improving your website’s SEO.

rank math advance SEO analysis
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A free SEO Analyzer of Rank Math Plugin to check the overall state of the website’s SEO

9. Google Search Console in Dashboard

rank math google search console dashboard
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If you wanted to check how your website was performing with the keywords or search terms you set it up for, you had to login to Google search console and do that manually.

With Rank Math, you can check this right on the dashboard. In addition, you can filter search console results by date and see overall CTR, Impressions, Clicks, and Positions.

You can also check each of the search terms individually with the search analytics option. This is definitely a useful tool.

In order to track search console reports on your dashboard, you do not need an additional plugin.

10. SEO Score on a Scale of 100

seo score
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I no longer find it efficient to check websites’ SEO on some colored dots. Rank Math has helped me understand the importance of calculating SEO scores.

With so many factors to consider in SEO, it is important to measure SEO using different metrics and to evaluate it on a 100 point scale.

Rather than colored dots, check SEO on a scale of 100.

11. Title’s Readability Analysis ( on CTR)

Rank math headline analyzer
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Rank Math analyzes titles and recommends titles that get clicks. This feature alone, I feel, is more powerful.

Even if you optimize content and rank highly on the SERPs, you may still not get clicks if the title isn’t compelling.

You can fix your titles with Rank Math according to the following factors.

  • Whether you used the Primary Keyword at the beginning of your post title.
  • Your post title has a positive or negative sentiment.
  • It Recommends you to use a power word.
  • Your title should include a number
  • Using these recommendations in titles could result in posts ranking higher and receiving more clicks. 

Increase CTR with Rank Math SEO Plugin, and this feature is not at all available in Yoast SEO.

12. 404 Manager

Rank Math’s 404 monitor tool can help you determine where your website users are having trouble finding your content.

You can prevent 404 errors by removing them from your site and letting visitors come back. With 404 Manager, you can not only detect errors but also redirect wrong URLs.

404 Manager is a handy feature of the Rank Math SEO plugin, which also comes with a free version.

13. Canonical URL

rank math Canonical URL
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If you have double content, the canonical URL tells search engines which page is the main one.

If you want to create a post that is similar to one you already have on your site, you can insert a Canonical URL in Rank Math.

It prevents duplicate content and informs the search engines which one to prioritize.

With the help of this feature, you can Identify and fix duplicate content errors. This feature is not available in Yoast SEO.

14. Content AI

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image source: Rankmath.com

This is a handy feature that Rank Math offers its users. You can analyze and optimize your article not only for visitors but also for search engines with Rank Math Content AI.

Content AI can help you increase your SEO productivity and make your content highly rankable in search engines by providing more recommendations and points relevant to your article.

You need to enable the Content AI module in the Rank Math dashboard to see this feature in action. This feature is similar to surfer SEO. 

Based on focus keywords, Rank Math Content AI will offer several AI-generated SEO suggestions that will help you optimize your article for better search engine visibility.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Article word count
  • Usage of links (internal and external)
  • Usage of headings and their types
  • Use of total visual assets
  • And much more. 

Besides that, you’ll also find suggestions for LSI keywords (with extra info like volume, CPC, competition, etc.), Frequently asked questions, and link suggestions.

You can improve your article’s search engine ranking by following these recommendations. 


The basic plan comes with 15 Content AI credits, while the higher plan comes with 600. With the free plan, you will get 5 Content AI credits, which means you can optimize up to 5 articles.

This is again a lone reason why Rank Math is a better SEO plugin than Yoast SEO because Yoast does not offer such a feature even in their premium version. 

15. Advanced Image SEO

Any blog post would not be complete without images, as they provide extra information about the content.

Having them indexed in the search engines accurately helps your business drive more quality traffic.

It is important to optimize those images to boost search engine rankings. If you want to automate your Image SEO process, either you do it yourself or you use a specialized tool. 

Here is another unique SEO feature from Rank Math that boosts your website’s ranking in the search engines through automated Image SEO.

You can optimize all your images on your website with Rank Math’s Image SEO tools to enhance their ranking. 

You can enhance your website’s overall ranking in the search engines when you use this Rank Math SEO feature.

Rank Math provides the following Advanced Image SEO features:

  • Image Optimization: You can add tags like ALT, captions, missing title attributes, descriptions, and more to your images with Rank Math, which will help search engine bots better understand and index them. You can easily find & replace ALT, Title, and Caption for any images available on your website. 
  • Image Sitemap: You don’t have to worry about indexing all your images in the search engines because Rank Math automatically generates XML sitemaps for images. The image sitemap helps search engine bots index and crawl all your images accurately, which increases the chances that your images will rank higher in the search engine results pages.
  • Social Share Cards for Images: You can set up a custom OpenGraph and Twitter share card by adding an image to the individual page in Rank Math. You can increase click-through rates (CTRs) by optimizing how your images appear after sharing them on social media.

Rank Math provides many Image Optimization settings for optimizing images. This will improve your website’s organic traffic and enhance user experience.

This feature alone makes the Rank Math plugin much better than Yoast because Yoast does not offer such an option.

16. Built-in Analytics

No matter how often you publish content on your website, if you don’t monitor your blog performance, it’s useless.

You can improve your blog post right away by monitoring the performance of your content.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do this right from the WordPress dashboard without logging into your Google Analytics or Google Search Console account?

This looks incredible, 

Rank Math integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics and Google Search Console so you can view detailed analytics data directly in your WordPress dashboard. 

This feature of Rank math is worth mentioning and is much better than the Yoast SEO. 

You can then easily monitor your website’s performance right from the dashboard and take the necessary actions.

The Rank Math Analytics feature allows you to do the following:

  • Website Analytics: An overview of website SEO score (Good, Fair, Poor), search clicks, search impressions, rank, as well as traffic generated by individual posts.
  • SEO Performance: It displays the average position and click-through rate of your blog post, as well as the total number of search impressions and click-throughs for that post. You can also track the top 5 winning and losing posts as well as position history if you have the pro version. 
  • Keywords Performance: You can monitor the Google search positions of all ranking keywords (1 to 100). You can also track total search impressions, clicks, and averages. With Rank Math Pro, you can monitor the top 5 winning & losing keywords, as well as their ranking positions.  
  • Rank Tracker: In Rank Math Pro, you can add focus keywords and monitor their search engine performance. For each keyword you have added, you will see impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), ranking position, and position history.
  • Post Index Status: You can find data about the number of posts submitted, crawled, and indexed. This tool allows you to monitor post-index status, indexing behavior, mobile usability, rich results, and more, so you can take appropriate action when necessary.
  • Google Trends: You can check and compare the keyword search trends with the built-in Google Trends integration and optimize your content accordingly to improve search visibility.

17. One-click Data Import From Yoast

Since I had been using Yoast SEO for a long time, I was concerned about Yoast’s optimization report.

I was also thinking before changing the plugin that I have to do optimization for each and every page again. 

It was great to see that Rank Math could import my data from Yoast so easily. You can find it in the setup wizard.

Therefore, you will have to import data as soon as you switch to Rank Math from Yoast. It’s easy, smooth, and fast.

You don’t have to worry about your Yoast SEO data if you plan to switch to Rank Math SEO.

In this post, I have mentioned the main reasons why Rank Math is better than Yoast SEO

Apart from these factors, there are numerous other distinguishing features such as no-follow all external links, opening external links in a new tab, automatically sizing titles, and many more beyond the ones Yoast does not offer.

It’s not an alternative to Yoast SEO. Rank Math is the ultimate WordPress SEO plugin. This is the only SEO plugin in the industry that offers such features, even in the free version.

Even if you disagree, let us know what you think.

You can find more such recommendations, tutorials, and tips at Blogging Ask regularly. Don’t worry, and we won’t let you down.

Final Thoughts on Why Rank Math is Better than Yoast SEO

In this post, I have covered amazing and unique features of the Rank Math SEO Plugin, which makes it far better than Yoast SEO.

These features led me to switch from Yoast to Rank Math and writing this post.

With Rank Math, every blogger, a digital marketer can optimize their content and rank well in the Google SERPs.

A number of key features of Rank Math make your website stand out from the crowd, such as post optimization, performance tracking, automated image SEO, advanced schema tool, content AI and much more.

Rank Math is the #1 option for WordPress on-page SEO plugins if you want a powerful, feature-rich, one-stop solution.
What are you waiting for?

Take advantage of Rank Math SEO to increase your SEO productivity and boost your website’s performance.

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