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So this is the third Interview with Chayan Chakrabarti of Blogger’s Interview Series.

I have started this series so that Bloggers who doing great in this field can share their ups and downs, experience and strategies with us related to Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and SEO, etc.

Today I am interviewing Chayan Chakrabarti founder of SimpleFacsOnline.com, who is basically from Koltaka and now living in Gurugram.

He has great experience in Content Writing, Guest Blogging, and Quora marketing. Although he is not a full-time blogger but yet he is doing fantastic. I love to read his blogs.

If you haven’t read Interviews with Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj and Ravi Dixit, then make sure to read once because they have shared experiences that will inspire you to do blogging with more passion and hard work.

I am delighted to have Chayan on my blog and share his experience with us.

Are you excited guys?

You must be, so why to waste your precious time.

Let’s dive in

Amazing Interview with Chayan Chakrabarti

Interview with Chayan Chakrabarti
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Hello, Chayan welcome to Blogging Ask, Can You introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey Ramesh, thank you for letting me share my story with blogging ask readers. I am a big admirer of your blog and youtube channel. Now let me start by introducing myself.

I am Chayan Chakrabarti. I manage simplefactsonline and a few other blogs. I mainly look into the content and promotional part.

What did get you into blogging? Who was your inspiration? You can share your blogging story.

I knew about this blogging and digital marketing field since 2016-2017. But I did not have the courage to start. Yes, courage is the correct word in my case.

As many of you know that I am a parttime blogger and I manage my blog with my full-time job. So back in 2016-2017, I could not start my blog as I had this new blogger fear on my mind.

I was overthinking things that are not in my control. Also, I thought that I won’t be able to manage my job and blog together. 

Then one fine day I get a chance to read about Harsh Agarwal, and that changed my mindset. I think that you guys know that Harsh also started his blog with his job.

So I stared involved more and more. Joined a few groups on Facebook and started understanding the facts of blogging, SEO and marketing stuff. And one fine day I purchased my domain and hosting from Bluehost (Later It Turned As A Bad Investment)

Chayan what are the major challenges you experienced in blogging? 

Blogging is not a cakewalk. You will see the challenges here and there. And there will be more concerns if you have just started your first blog. So I had my share of challenges.

But I was fortunate that I am lucky that when I started I get in touch with so many pro bloggers, and they all have helped me generously. That’s why I was able to take action and fixed a few challenges in no time.

But yes, there were many challenges. In fact, those were not challenges, those were my fear. I was ignorant and was thinking about many things that are out of my expertise.

Then I aim to create blog posts that actually matter. So if you are a new blogger, then do not stop putting efforts on your blog. 

I know you have a full-time job, so how do you manage your time?

This is an interesting question, I do not know how other interviewers of mine missed that. First thing first, we all have 5 to 6 hours a day.

No matter what profession we are in we can utilize that time.  So I keep my blog and job separate.

My job requires me to work at the night shifts so I work on my blog during the morning. This is how it started and I have been following the same ever since.

How to get success in affiliate marketing? 

I do not know if I am the correct person to answer this. I have started a few months back and I need to work on different affiliate programs to understand the patterns. As of now, I am following the basics. Here are a few things that I follow

  1. I do not recommend any product that I do not use. If an affiliate wants to earn thousands of dollars via that product, putting a few dollars won’t impact much.
  2. I focus on sharing every detail of that product. Which Include pros and cons.
  3. Comparison Of Similar Products Help People To Gain More Knowledge And At The Same Time It Boosts Your Credibility As A Reviewer

How many blogs do you run?

As of now, I am running one blog which is simplefactsonline, but I am also working with another blog in the blogging niche. I will reveal it soon.

Can you share some tips 

With my limited experience and expertise, I can say that blogging can be a profitable business model, but the blogger should enjoy working on the blog.

There are many challenges for a new blogger. It’s the mindset that makes a difference. I see many bloggers are still relying on AdSense.

They do not realize that Adsense is an advertisement network and a blogger can only earn a significant amount of money via AdSense if his blog is receiving huge traffic.

So my advice will be for the new bloggers is that understand the business model. Don’t depend on any platform, create multiple revenue streams. 

Chayan, can you explain the best ways to get initial traffic on a brand new blog or site?

This is very crucial for a new blogger. When we start a blog and do not see much traffic, then we try to do everything to get traffic.

Understand one thing here, if it’s a new blog then it will take some time for you to get a significant number of organic traffic. Which means till then you have to rely on referral traffic.

Now how to get referral traffic? We all know the Quora is a wonderful medium to get traffic.

However, apart from quora, we can get very good referral traffic from social media and in order to attain that traffic, you have to have a few valuable content on your blog.

Moreover, your social media behavior and relationship come into play when you want to get more exposer from social media.

You are an awesome content writer, can you share some of your content writing tips.

Thank you, Ramesh. Content writing is an art and it will take time to develop. I wish I could show you my writings when I started. Trust me it was ugly.

When you start writing your first blog post, try to write in simple words. A blog post needs explanation, you have to justify the title with every subheading.

So why can’t we make it simple?  We should right for only one person. And give our best to explain the whole topic.

Which is the best WordPress hosting for newbies in terms of cost and reliability?

I prefer Siteground hosting. But if anyone is on a tight budget then they can go with A2 Hosting

Chayan, I Am Personally A Big Fan Of Your Quora Answers. Any Tips For The Beginners On Quora?

In quora, we should check the followers of that particular question before answering.

If 3 to 4 people are following one question and you are writing a detailed answer for one hour, that won’t give you much exposer.

Also, check when the question was published. Recently published questions get more viewers than the old ones

Is blogging still worth it in 2023? As you know people prefer to watch videos over reading text content? 

I am hearing this question a lot. Blogging requires initial hard work. That’s why people ignore it while taking a decision. Now let me give you a practical example here.

If you need help with an issue which requires more explanation, what would you prefer? A blog or a youtube video.

I will choose a blog as we can scroll down the entire article quickly and if that article is not what we are looking for we can switch to another one.

But things will be more time consuming if you see the video and try to apply the things. So blogs are there and it will be there. 

Can you give some pro tips to newbies who have just started? 

I have also started my blogging journey a few months back. But I have this long time goal and a vision for blogging.

A blogger should adjust himself to any kind of situation. After spending more than one year into blogging if the person does not know how to do content marketing, how to create authority links and how to do networking, then that blogger has a serious need for introspection.

If you do not know anything learn that or hire an expert if you can afford it. Remember, that one blog post can take your blog to a whole new level.

Keep publishing quality content on a regular intervals. Build quality links and create such content that will get more shares. That’s it. 

Any words about Blogging Ask?

I really like the layout and contents of your blog Ramesh, Also you are doing excellent on youtube. Keep up the excellent work

Please let me know in the comment section below how was the Interview with Chayan Chakrabarti.

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  1. Another excellent interview from chayan. What I love about you is your boldness and courage to succeed. Thank you Ramesh for bringing out time to conduct this interview that will impact more knowledge to newbies out there.

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