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Today we will show you how you can exactly promote your blog and get more traffic.

So let’s master Blog Promotion Techniques.

Blog Promotion is too important, and when you don’t promote the blog, it looks like you are just publishing and praying to rank on Google’s First Page.

Believe me or not, Google also sees some social signals when it comes to ranking on the first page, so you need to promote every blog post continuously for at least one week so that Google gets some signals and boosts your blog post on the top.

Blogging is not about Posting daily except for news.

If you have a news site, then sure, you can post daily, but I recommend that if you have a niche blog, then publish one Article per week that will help you to get more time to promote your blog.

So first, decide that you have to post one blog post per week.

Your Blog Post is just like your product. If you don’t promote, you will get nothing.

Best Blog Promotion Techniques

Blog Promotion Techniques
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Let me tell you the whole week’s plan to promote your blog post.

#1. Master the Quora

Quora is the most powerful forum in the World. Believe me or not, Quora can bring you thousands of open wallet visitors to your website daily.

Here are the Traffic Stats of Quora from SimilarWeb,

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Quora is one of the Top 100 Websites in the World, with a 74 Global Rank. According to SimilarWeb, It has 614.3 Million Monthly Visits.

Quora can be your mini-traffic diving machine that can bring potential customers.

People on Quora are highly converting because they search for something and need your Answer.

So, how you can master Quora,


Spent Time on Quora and that’s what Quora Wants. All social media and forums want their viewers to spend some time on their platform, which is Quora’s Algorithm.

If you spend time, your answers will rank higher, hence more traffic.

One thing I like about Quora is that it allows you to insert your link, and that is why I’m very serious about promoting my posts on Quora.

So, you might have a question: What Should be the Strategies to Promote Your Blog Post on Quora?

Look, In simple words, “Don’t Spam” on Quora.

Yes, don’t spam; otherwise, you will get banned from it, and I’m telling you this because I faced this issue early in my blogging career.

So What Should You Do to Get Traffic from Quora?

Here is the Deal,

Help People Genuinely and Solve their Problems, that’s it.

I suggest adding a Link to Every 1 out of 5 Answers. This will increase your Trust, and you will probably get more followers on your Website.

Help people to solve their problems.

Remember, Make sure to write in-depth on Quora, don’t just go and copy-paste.

If you Copy and Paste, you will get banned from Quora.

Answer each question manually, go in-depth and write long answers and try to get upvotes to rank your answers on the top.

Quora is not just about answering questions; you have to rank your answers so that you can stand out from the other’s answers and rank your answers, spend time on Quora and write long answers and also try to get upvotes.

That’s it. That’s how you have to work on Quora.

Bottom Line

Write In-depth Answers on Quora, Invest 30-45 Minutes Daily, and Try to Get Upvotes to Get a good amount of Traffic from Quora.

#2. Blog Promotion Strategy on Reddit

Now it’s time to play with The Front Page of the Internet “Reddit, “

Reddit is such a popular site in the World, Previously Digg.com was popular, but now Reddit is gaining much popularity.

Look at the Traffic on Reddit.

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According to the SimilarWeb, Reddit has whopping 1.6 Billion visits every month. The global rank is 22 and looks at the rank in the United States – is 11th.

99% of Bloggers ignore Reddit, but you can’t overlook a site with monthly traffic of 1.5 billion.

This is one of the Best Platforms for Blog Promotion.

Reddit is a community of Millions of People, and there are many Sub Reddit (Categories) where you can share your posts or write your articles.

You don’t need to jump straight to Reddit and share your link. Never do that.

I have also done the same and got “0” traffic from Reddit.

So what do you need to do?


“You Have to Understand the Algorithm of Reddit” to Master it.

So, what is the algorithm of Reddit,

Well, Reddit has the System called “Karma. ” 

The more Karma you have, the more chance to get viral.

So, how to gain Karma?

To gain Karma, you have to produce quality content for Reddit. 

Let me show you, 

 The first step is to Find a Sub Reddit of your Niche,

For example, I have found a Sub on Reddit for Blogging, and there are 28.2K Subscribers in that subreddit.

Now, I will open this Sub on Reddit and Post Some Useful Content,

Then I will click on Create a Post and then contribute some helpful content for the Community.

I will post this little article to help others in “Blogging Sub Reddit. “

After Successfully posting, I will try to maximize the Upvotes as soon as possible, so I can either share this post, or if this article is super unique, then it will start getting upvotes, and you will start getting Karma.

 So, this was a complete Tutorial for Creating posts on Reddit.

There are lots of Sub Reddit. 

Sub Reddits are like Categories or Niches. If you are in Health Niche, you should contribute to “Health SubReddit. “

So, Find Sub Reddits in your niche and contribute to the Community.

Now, you don’t only need to create content.


Yes, you don’t only need to create content, but you also need to engage with other Redditors.

If you like some content on Reddit, then Upvote it. If you don’t like it, download it; also, comment on some posts to increase engagement.

Now, Content + Engagement = Link Promotion

After you have some Karma, you can promote your link on Reddit.

Yes, it’s Good News.

But you need to work hard on Reddit. Give it a try for a month then you will see the growth.

My Story of Reddit Viral Post: After 30 days of Hardwork on Reddit, I have a few Karma’s, then I think to promote my content on Reddit, then you know what happened?

My content has gone Viral, and My Google Analytics shows 50-60 Real-Time Users.

Bottom Line.

Reddit is a Great Place to Go Viral, but you have to Increase your Karma. To Increase Karma, Contribute Quality posts to the Community, and Engage with your Community.

After Getting Some Karma, You Can Promote Your Blog by Submitting a Link to Sub Reddit.

#3. Promoting Your Blog through Email Outreach

Blog Promotion through Email Outreach is another super duper hit method.


it is necessary to email strategically,

Now, What does it mean to email Strategically?


Don’t just email other bloggers to promote you; if you do, it will indeed not work.

Instead, if this provides them value.

Now, What Value Yo Should Give?

The Answer is “Backlink “The most significant value to any blogger is backlink.

You have to link their content in your new blog post and then reach out to them via email saying that-

Hey, (Name)

I found your blog post so helpful for my readers that I’ve linked to your content in my new blog post. 

(Your New Blog Post URL)


(Your Name)

PS: If you share this blog post on social media, it will make my day.

And then 4/10 people will share your blog post because who doesn’t want backlinks.

So, let’s quickly recap the Steps,

Link Them in Your Blog Post >> Email them with Above Email Templates >> Done!

Now, you will start getting social shares on your Blog Post, and that’s why this is my favorite blog promotion method.

Bottom Line.

To Promote your Blog with Email Outreach, link Some Bloggers in Your New Blog Post >> Email them with the Above Email template >> You Will Get Social Shares.

#4. Promoting Your Blog through Facebook

Here comes Facebook,

Facebook is the King of All Social Media, and if you are not using Facebook for blog promotion, you are missing a ton of traffic.

Here are the last month’s traffic stats for Facebook.

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According to SimilarWeb, Facebook has about 19 Billion Visitors Last Month, The Global Rank was three, and the rank in the United States was 3.

Now you can realize the power of Facebook,

So, what strategies should you follow to Promote Your Blog through Facebook?

Here is the Deal,

You should promote your blog post through Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages.

Blog Promotion by Mastering Facebook Groups.

Facebook Groups are one of the best ways to promote your blog post.

But not anyone’s Facebook group,

You have to make your Community.

Don’t waste your time promoting your blog post on other Facebook groups because the reality is that 95% of people won’t approve of you,


if you get approval, you won’t get much traffic because the community members don’t know you.

You can do two things-

1. Make Your Audience by Creating Your Own Facebook Groups.

2. Post Valuable in Other Facebook Groups to Gain Trust and later Promote your articles in it.

It depends on you to choose any of these two methods,

but I recommend making your Facebook groups and adding value to other groups.

Follow My Hitting Two Targets with 1 Arrow Method,

What is Hitting Two Targets with 1 Arrow Method?

Yes, you think it is correct. You have to hit two targets with one arrow,

which means that you must keep adding value to some targeted Facebook groups and, simultaneously, try to build your Facebook groups for future promotions.

You can add some banners on your Website saying “Join My Facebook Groups,” which will do fantastic work for you guys.

Remember the Word: To Promote Your Blog Post, Promote Your Facebook Group.

Now, you have to understand the algorithm of the Facebook group,

If your Facebook group has 100 Members and you post something new,


Facebook doesn’t notify all of those 100 People. Facebook only notifies some people, and if some people like or comment on your post, then Facebook will notify more people in your group.

Overall you have to maintain an engagement rate on Facebook posts

that’s how Facebook Group Works!

Blog Promotion by Mastering Facebook Pages

Facebook pages are also the best ways to promote your blog post,

recently Facebook has updates in which the reach of Facebook pages is getting lower and lower,

but still, you can promote your blog post on your Facebook pages,

but before learning to promote something on Facebook pages, you have to get likes on Facebook pages,

so the question is, “How you Will Get Likes on your Facebook Page”?


Again embed Facebook Likes Pages on your blog.

Yes, it works,

In the beginning, you can promote Facebook pages through advertising and get some likes from there.

I also recommend this Post of HubSpot on getting likes on Facebook.

After getting good likes, can you promote your content? Yes or No?


First, you must create engagement on your Facebook pages by posting memes related to your niche.

You can do anything to promote to nurture your audience and then follow the 80:20 Rule,

What is the 80-20 Rule?

80-20 Rule means every 8 out of 10 times, you have to post something to engage with your audience, and then you can promote your blog post every 2 out of 10 times.


when you follow this strategy, you will start getting traffic from Facebook. 

This blog promotion strategy works well.

Bottom Line.

Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages are great ways to promote your blog post, but you must provide value first.

You have to engage with your audience, and then you can build a platform to Promote your Blog Post.

#5. Promoting Your Blog through Combining the Power of Social Media

What Happens if we combine the power of all social media at once?

Yes, You got it. You can get thousands of views and email subscribers, but how can you utilize all the power of Social Media at once?

Hmm, good question

The Answer is,

Scheduling all Social Media Posts at once.

But how can you schedule all social media posts at once?

The Answer is by Using Social Pilot.

Social Pilot is a fantastic tool that will help you to schedule all your Social Media posts at once.

Social Pilot is a tool that Every Professional Blogger Use. This is one of the Best Social Media Management and Scheduling Tools, which comes with FREE for 14 Days.

After Login into Social Pilot, connect all your Social Media Accounts,

After connecting the desired social media accounts, Navigate to Posts >> Create a post,

Now create your post and select your social media accounts and click on the Schedule Post button,

Select your desired time and click on the Schedule button.

You can also schedule multiple social accounts at once with Social Pilot.

Now, you have this Social Pilot tool and can schedule your content for weeks. All you need to do is open your Social Pilot account one day a week and schedule content with 80:20

The Rule for a Week.

Conclusion of Blog Promotion

Blog Promotion is Important.

Your Blog post is Like a Product, and if you don’t Promote it, then “How it Will Give You Good Results.”

Do Follow these Strategies and Implement them on Your Blog to See the Result.

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