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If you want to know what exactly Builderall is and how it will help you to grow your online business, here you have a completely unbiased Builderall review based on my own experience.

If you are reading this, it probably means that you have heard of Builderall and you are trying to figure out if it’s the right solution for your business or not.

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First of all:

What is Builderall?

Builderall Affiliate program review Is it worth it
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Builderall is an all-in-one web design and digital marketing platform that will enable you to create and grow an online business. “All-in-one” means that, potentially, you won’t need any other tools outside those offered by Builderall. 

Join Builderall Affiliate Program

In this Builderall affiliate review, you will find out all the benefits of joining their affiliate program, the pros and cons of Builderall and, hopefully, you will be able to make the right decision based on this information.

Builderall Top Features

All the tools inside Builderall (more than 38) are divided into 6 main categories:

  • Builders
  • Email Marketing
  • Engagement
  • Design
  • Reports
  • Others

You can play with more than 35 apps of Builderall.

  1. Drag N Drop Website Builder: This is their default page builder app that enables you to quickly build entire websites and funnels in minutes.
  2. Email Marketing Automation: They named this app “MailingBoss”. It’s an email marketing and professional automation all-in-one platform.
  3. Telegram: It enables you to build Telegram funnels with Builderall. With this, you can take full advantage of Telegram’s automated messages and bots to get more leads
  4. Pixel Perfect Site Builder: This is their alternative page builder app that lets you build pages for your website with utmost precision
  5. DNS Manager: With this, you can manage the domains connected to your Builderall account
  6. Builderall Canvas: This is their funnel builder app, where you can create landing pages, sales pages, upsells, emails, and more by leveraging all of their features
  7. App Builder: The App Creator allows you to create apps and publish them to the Google Play Store, The Apple App Store, or the Amazon App Store.
  8. Builderall Unlimited Magazine Builder: Create digital magazines with a flip-action creation tool, for your clients without being a programmer or a designer.
  9. eCommerce: With Builderall eCommerce by Magento, you can build your eCommerce store right inside Builderall
  10. WordPress 3-Click Integration: You can take advantage of Builderall’s WordPress integration to build and publish your web pages.
  11. Builderall Directory Builder: With this, you can create your own listings and directories. You can get started by adding listings that include local attractions, businesses, or other places of interest.
  12. Video Funnel Builder: Create and share funnel videos by adding image tags with actions such as CALL, EMAIL, URL, and their new feature to ADD FUNNEL STEPS
  13. Mockup Studio: Easily design incredible images, videos, and Facebook posts that grab the viewer’s attention and drive action much more effectively than a standard Facebook post. Develop your own eBook covers, info products, and other mock-ups with their exclusive MockUp Studio tool.
  14. Video Tag Tool: Customize your videos by adding image tags with actions such as CALL, EMAIL, and visit a WEBSITE. This tool lets your audience get in touch with you easily.
  15. Presentation Studio: This allows you to create professional business presentations without the need for programming or design skills.
  16. 3D Photo Editor Studio: Create beautiful photos, logos, and social media graphics. Builderall’s Photo Studio is an easy yet powerful photo editing and graphic design software.
  17. Animated VSL Video Builder: Make unlimited animated videos and sales videos with this animation tool. Design your own characters and expressions, or choose between the hundreds of exclusive characters available to you. Download and publish on your own website, YouTube channel, Facebook account, and more.
  18. Transparent Floating Videos: Boost your authority by making a floating video for your website in minutes, without the need for expensive professional equipment.
  19. Browser Notifications App: Personalize, automate, and do so much more with browser notifications.
  20. SEO On-Page Report App: This Page Report tool will help you rank your page on the search engines, by analyzing your page content, and looking at your tags, images, and all meta information.
  21. Click Map: This heat mapping tool allows you to see where your visitors have been clicking on each page, helping you understand how people navigate your site.
  22. Social Autopost App: With this tool, you can manage your multiple social media platforms.
  23. Professional Messenger Chatbot: Automate your communications with prospects and clients via messenger chat.
  24. Share Locker: You can lock some content behind the social lockers.
  25. E-learning: You can create unlimited courses for your students right inside Builderall
  26. Script Generator: It helps you with copywriting scripts, autoresponder scripts, and also scripts for video sales letters.
  27. Social Proof Pop-up: This tool is similar to the GetProof tool that lets you display the conversions on your site to live visitors.
  28. Video Wrapper: Customize your videos with images and texts.
  29. Instagram Autoresponder: Engage your Instagram followers on your social media posts. Instagram Autoresponder is an automation tool to engage your Instagram followers on your social media posts.
  30. SMS Messaging: Reach your leads efficiently by text message. Send bulk text messages to numerous recipients simultaneously with our SMS Messaging app.
  31. Builderall Webinar Builder: Create an interactive LIVE webinar with streaming options, screen sharing, webinar recording, and more. Organize live streaming on Facebook and YouTube too with RTMP streaming
  32. VA Access: You can allow other people to restrict access to your account by simply sharing your Builderall email and access key.
  33. Professional Website Bot: Create chatbots for your websites using our flow system without having to rely on Facebook to engage your customers.
  34. Professional Emails: Create email accounts for your domains to manage the communications of your business.
  35. CRM: Manage your customer pipeline, log sales activity, and store contact data.

So, let’s have a look at Builderall Affiliate Program, which is also known as Builderall Business.

Join Builderall Affiliate Program

Builderall Affiliate Program Review 2023

Builderall has over 215,000 active users. Builderall is one of the best-selling software on the market. 

Builderall has a Potentially lucrative Affiliate Program which is one of the best affiliate programs in the world.

If you like Builderall, it has excellent potential for promoting it as an affiliate.

Builderall Affiliate Program
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Builderall has a 2-tier affiliate program:

  • Direct sales: Affiliates earn a 30% commission on their client’s first payment and a 30% commission on recurring payments.
  • 2nd tier sales: affiliates earn 30% commissions on clients recurring payments at a 2-tier level (under affiliates brought by you).

Every Builderall Premium and Funnel Club user gets affiliation automatically approved. If you are not a Builderall user, you can still become an affiliate, but an application is required.

If you want to know more about Builderall Affiliate Program, you can check their knowledge base here.

What is Builderall Affiliate Payout?

The minimum payout in Builderall is $100, and you have to set up your global e-wallet once your application is approved.

How To Become A Builderall Affiliate

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There are two ways you can join Builderall Business:

  1. By becoming a Builderall user of a Premium or Funnel Club Member.
  2. You can apply as a free affiliate for which you have to submit your application and after review, they will approve your application, which may take some time.
Join Builderall Affiliate Program

If you are running an online business of any kind, then you can easily replace your Funnel builders such as Clickfunnels, Kartra, Kajabi, LeadPages, Unbounce, and Instapges using Builderall and, in that case, you will automatically approve as Builderall Affiliate and you can start promoting Builderall from day one.

If you want to join Builderall Affiliate Program, click on this link, and you will be redirected to their Affiliate Page where you choose the option according to your needs.

Become a Builderall affiliate
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Builderall Affiliate Calculator

Let’s take a look, if you make 12 sales of Builderall in a year, and bring 12 Builderall affiliates under you and those 12 affiliates bring 12 sales a year, you’re going to make $3364 per month passively.

Builderall affiliate earning
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Conclusion of Builderall Affiliate Review

Now you may have realized that the Builderall Affiliate Program is one of the most lucrative offers you’ve seen. It’s solid, stable, and prosperous. It’s an amazing business opportunity. 

Many entrepreneurs around the world are already promoting Builderall, and they are making a lot of money. 

Top Builderall Affiliates

  • James Neville Taylor-More than 500,000.00 Dollars Earned in Builderall Affiliate Commissions.
  • Chad Bartlett-More than 500,000.00 Dollars Earned in Builderall Affiliate Commissions.
  • Alex Freedman-Getting close to 400,000.00 Dollars Earned in Builderall Affiliate Commissions.
  • Katharina Kislewski-More than 300,000.00 Dollars Earned in Builderall Affiliate Commissions.
  • Franka Dorival-More than 220,000.00 Dollars Earned in Builderall Affiliate Commissions.
James Neville Taylor
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You too can make money and succeed in affiliate marketing with just a few clicks.

Join the Builderall affiliate program to find out if it is right for you.

Join Builderall Affiliate Program
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