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Do you want to buy KWFinder Mangools at a very affordable price?

This is the right to go for that as the most awaited KWFinder Black Friday sale of is live now.

KWFinder is an SEO keyword research tool that can help you find long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. It is a part of the Mangools(It is a pack of five simple and powerful SEO tools for effective SEO optimization), which has four more tools. 

Let’s now talk about the Mangools Black Friday Sale 2024 in detail,

KWFinder Black Friday Details:

kwfinder black friday deals
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PlansNormal PriceDiscounted Price
Mangools Basic$49/Mo$29.9/Mo
Mangools Premium$69/Mo$39/Mo
Mangools Agency$129/Mo$79.9/Mo

This is the right time to go for KWFinder as it is offering a great deal during its Back Friday Sale 2024.

Here, I have listed some of them:

  • Deal: 50% on every plan for a lifetime plan.
  • Price: $25/month
  • Starts From: 24 November 2024
  • Ends: 30 November 2024.
  • Coupon Code: Auto Applied.
  • Payment Gateway: Credit Card or PayPal.

If you are committed to this tool, my recommendation is to go with its annual plans to save you more money.

How To Activate KWFinder Black Friday 2024 Discount?

If you want to participate in this KWFinder Black Friday 2024 Discount, then you need to follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the KWFinder Official Page.
  2. Click on the Pricing option located at the top of its website.
  3. You might see three different Mangools plans there, namely Basic, Premium, and Agency.
  4. Choose the plans you want to purchase and click on Subscribe Now.
  5. Create a new Mangools account or login with your existing account.
  6. Provides all other essential details.
  7. Complete the payment to enjoy KWFinder Mangools services.

Before completing full payment, review your Purchase and click on Purchase Now button to avail the KWFinder Cyber Monday/Black Friday offer.

Benefits Of KWFinder:

Keyword difficulty KWFinder
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It comes with several other tools such as SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, KWFidner, Linkminer, and SiteProfiler, which allows you to do a more significant search by filtering the keywords based on many factors (like volume, CPC, text in it, many words, and also keyword difficulty) that will help you to select the most profitable keywords for you.

SERPChecker features

If you are in the industry for quite some time being an SEO marketer, you are aware that no tool can beat the power of manual research. In order to make manual competition research in a smooth way, the SERPcheker feature is of great value.

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SERPWatcher features

This is the new tool that helps you track the ranking of your website for given keywords.

SERPWatcher helps you to know how your website is performing and ranking for the keywords that you are targeting.

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Linkminer features

Linkminer is a great backlink analysis tool by Mangools. With this tool, you can easily analyze the backlink profile of any of your competitors like what you do with SEMrush or Ahrefs.

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SiteProfiler Features

SiteProfiler is another tool that comes with the Mangools package.

It lets you analyze the website in-depth.

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Let’s now have a look at some more features of KWFinder:

Question and Auto-suggest keywords:

KWFinder offers three different types of keywords research, namely questions, keyword, suggestions, and auto-suggest.

Whenever you search for any keywords, it will automatically suggest other keywords to get good results.

Last 48 months of search volume:

It is one of the most useful and unique features that some popular tools in this segment are not even offered.

You can explore the past 48 months search volume of your keyword through this feature, which can tell you that ranking your post on that keyword is seasonal or not one.

For example, let assume “Summer Camp” be our keyword. If you analyze this keyword, you will find that most people put their queries on this keyword during the summer session, and this “summer camp” does not get any big search for a long time.

In this way, you can choose your keywords more efficiently.

Difficulty Value:

KWFinder helps you find the keywords and lets you know the chances of ranking on that particular keyword by calculating 10+ factors.

If you find any keywords less than 10 difficulty value, then ranking on those keywords without any backlinks is possible.

Find Amazon Buyer’s Keywords:

You can find those Amazon product keywords from Amazon sites for which there are high chances to rank them very quickly.  

Customer Support:

KWFinder Mongols have an excellent Customer Support service. They also provide a live chat service handled by some wise people to short out any of your queries within minutes.

Price and Plans Of KWFinder Mangloos 2024:

Kwfinder pricing
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You have to buy different plans offered by Mangools rather than just buying KWFinder plans. All the Mangools plans consist of KWFinder tools. 

Let’s talk about each of Mangools Plan in details:

Mangools Basic:

With this plan, you can log in to only one account, along with a very limited budget. $49.00 per month and $ 358.80 annually

Mangools Premium:

You can log in to 3 different devices at once and offers enough features that will cost you $69.00 per month and $ 478.80 annually.

Mangools Agency:

Mangools Agency is the most expensive but feature-loaded plan. You can log in from 10 different devices simultaneously, $129.00 per month and $ 958.80 annually.

Note: You might see the price variation on different plans; besides, they provide the same features. This is actually because all plans offer different limitations.

Let’s now talk about the Common Highlights of KWFinder Mangools 2024:

  • Keyword lookups
  • Keyword suggestions/search
  • Competitor keywords/search
  • SERP lookups / 24 h
  • Tracked keywords daily
  • Backlink rows monthly
  • Site lookups / 24 h
  • Simultaneous logins

Kwfinder Reviews

kwfinder reviews
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Q. How do I find my competitor’s keywords for free?

You can find your competitor’s keywords with the tools Mangools offers. You can get Manfools free account without submitting any card details.

Q. Where can I find long-tail keywords for free?

You can use tools like Long Tail Pro [Click here to grab the best deals] and KWfinder to find out long-tail keywords with less SEO difficulty.

Q. How much discount is KWFinder Black Friday 2024?

You can grab a 25% discount on each plan if you purchase from this unique link.

Q. Do long-tail keywords still work?

Yes, long-tail keywords have the potential to rank your post more easily on Search Engines.

Q. What is the duration of refreshing?

KWfinder automatically refreshes the data for 24 hours.

Q. Does KWFinder offer a money-back guarantee?

No, it doesn’t offer a money-back.

Wrapping Up

KWFinder is best for beginners and is loved by many professionals. Grab It Now to save your maximum money on each plan’s Purchase during this Thanksgiving sale 2024.

I hope now it is clear to you why to go for KWFinder Black Friday Sale 2024? In this post, I have mentioned all the essential information regarding this topic.

However, if you still have some queries, leave a comment in the comment section. So, I can help you in any way possible.

I’ve put so much effort into writing this blog post to provide value to the blogging community. It’ll be very helpful for me if you consider sharing it on social media networks. 

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