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Looking for InfluencerSoft Review?

If so, you are in the right place.

Influencersoft is an all-in-one platform software that helps in providing marketing automation by building your sales funnel. 

It includes many features that quickly create dynamic funnels visually, launch online courses, send emails and more on one platform.

It is one of the advanced and revolutionary tools which help in building an online business.  

The future looks promising with this all-in-one automation tool. Influencersoft helps influencers and entrepreneurs to run their products and services efficiently in the market with their tools. 

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They should create funnels and automate marketing in a simplified manner. It is an alternative to Kartra, Builderall, and clickfunnels

What is Influencersoft? 

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Influencersoft is a multiverse automation tool that makes your funnel building quick and easy with its tools.

It is a comprehensive set of marketing solutions that brings all its components together to help you to begin your business and market them. 

You can launch and design marketing funnels with conversion-proven templates by including the promo, follow-up, and email nurture sequences. 

It creates all the flawless processes for a business to get running up in no time. It has automation, eCommerce, LMS (learning management software), and campaign reports. 

This emerging platform has a lot to offer, such as it can launch, sell, market and deliver your messages, products, and services online. Influencersoft has been polished to the point that you can start developing your own funnel even without any experience. 

It also has an affiliate program for your customers and fans to bring traffic to your offers in exchange for a percentage of sales. 

Influencer Soft Features:

Influencersoft consists of features that help in building a successful online business. Other features are being developed for the version 2.0 calendar booking system 

  • Chatbot builder
  • Paid ads scheduler 
  • Paid ads builder
  • Social media content creators & schedulers

Here we are covering some features of Influencer Soft for you with more depth. 

Influencersoft Visual Funnel Builder:

Influencersoft has the best funnel-building tool using a drag-and-drop interface. It is easy to configure with a few clicks.

It also provides you with the data of how much each step of your funnel and source of traffic has brought by how many subscribers. 

A visual sales funnel builder has pre-made high-conversion funnels, templates, and tons of interactive blocks for live broadcasts. 

Some components you will be using are flowchart pages, forms, actions, and traffic

So that you will be able to set up the proper funnel builder, which makes the channel profitable, Influencersoft also makes it easier to trace each significant traffic source and determine which one pays off easily. 

Visual Funnel Analytics:

Using visual funnel analytics is a lot more fun. You can drag ‘n’ drop the components on the canvas by building out each canvas on the go without the developer’s help.

You can also have the bird’s eye perspective of the entire process done by Influencersoft. 

InfluencerSoft Page Builder:

Influencersoft can easily send a series of email sequences to your list automatically using its page builder.

You need to adjust if you are coming from platforms like Elementor, Thrive Architect, or click funnels. It is a significant step down from the platforms dedicated to providing a world-class page builder experience. 

Influencersoft Email Marketing Platform:

Influencersoft has a user-friendly email scheduler as you can schedule automatic emails to a series of contacts. You can also customize your mailing list so that the customers will expect newer products that they haven’t bought yet.

It has rich features with the strength and versatility of a more complicated sequence. For the most common funnels, dragging and connecting mail on the canvas can do. 

InfluencerSoft Online Course Platform:

Influencersoft, the prominent funnel builder, has got you covered with an online courses platform robust course creation tool. Building an online course in Influencersoft is as easy as

  • Drag the member area block onto your funnel canvas and connect it to the rest of the process. 
  • To open settings, click on the panel, and click the pencil icon on the widget. 
  • To use the builder, you have to either link up the existing course or click the big yellow button to make the course button. 
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Building out your course:

The course structure is simple to use and is packed with rich features. It also gives you the ability to

  • Organize the course into lessons and modules. 
  • You can easily control each class with their visibility on an individual basis. So that you can draft the lessons of the future in private.
  • Controlling the module and lesson access using your drip schedule. 
  • You can customize the list, access the courses down to the module level, and set up numerous pricing. 

Setting up a versatile course area and launching courses as standalone goods, free offerings, or even multiple course bundles. 

What Are Some Benefits Of Influencersoft?

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1: Visual Funnel Builder:

You can launch your funnel using the simple drag and drop interface.

It is easy to configure with a few clicks. The feature of Influencersoft is fully a game-changer that keeps track of all the doings from page builder, course platform to the email system, etc. 

2: Speed to launch:

Influencersoft uses the process mapping tool to plan out the sequence of actions you want to automate in your marketing funnel. It helps to implement time-saving automation and manages affiliates in the same tool. 

In the competitive world, it can reduce the complexity and increase the speed of launch. It has the power to build all my pages, write and create all my pages, products, develop my online courses, etc. 

This means it can do more launches, testing, data, and iterative improvement all in one place. 

3: The Team & Support:

Influencersoft provides the best team support to its customers. They quickly set up all your marketing processes from lead generation to payment and beyond. 

They perform regular live conference calls covering a wide range of topics, such as basic tutorials on how to set up your funnels in their system, running Facebook ads to the psychology of successful entrepreneurs, and more. 

The co-founder for Influencersoft has a clear vision for progressing the software in the future. 

Who should you buy Influencersoft? 

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Three different creators should be using Influencersoft. If they are 

  • Influencersoft for agencies 
  • InfluencerSoft for New Businesses
  • InfluencerSoft for Established Businesses

Influencersoft for agencies:

One of the most significant achievements for any agency is selling high-ticket packages to clients. Because the agency trends visualizing and explaining the sales funnel process which gets everything together.

This is something Influencersoft excels at. Everything you did is beautifully explained right from start to end. All you have to do now is create a design, copy, and launch. 

InfluencerSoft for New Businesses:

Influencersoft could be your biggest source of weapon as a blogger if you are looking to launch a product or thinking about starting something new.

As it provides you with its plethora of functions, you will never need to start your business while using the least amount of technology possible. 

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InfluencerSoft for Established Businesses:

Suppose you have an established business with a full suite of tools. Adding an Influencer Soft for the firm could be a valued possession. 

This is due to two factors. Firstly, the funnel mapping feature is worth the price of admission on its own. Using Influencers If you can lose value. Most entrepreneurs own several brands and several businesses at the same time. 

Influencersoft helps in providing an unlimited number of 100,000 contacts allowing you to quickly test, build and iterate on business concepts without having to piece them together. 

Pricing Of Influencersoft?

influencersoft pricing
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There are nearly four packages of pricing plans in Influencersoft. 

Monthly subscription plans are given below-

  • Budget Pick


    • $97/mo
    • 5 Team Users
    • 25000 Contacts
    • 250,000 Emails/Mo
    • 50 Funnels
    • 3 Websites
    • All Influencers Trainings
    • 1 Group Coaching Call/Wk
    • Avg. 2.5% transaction fee
    Activate Deal
  • Best Value


    • $197/mo
    • Top Choice
    • (Save $1,164 in Your 1st Year)
    • 15 Team Users
    • 100,000 Contacts
    • 1,000,000 Emails/Mo
    • 1000 Funnels
    • 1000 Websites
    • 50 Course Funnels
    • All Influencer Training
    • 1 Group Coaching Call/Wk
    • Avg. 2.4% transaction fee
    Activate Deal
  • Premium Pick


    • $397/mo
    • 25 Team Users
    • 100,000 Contacts
    • 1,000,000 Emails/Mo
    • Unlimited Funnels
    • Unlimited Websites
    • Unlimited Course Funnels
    • All Influencer Training
    • 1 Group Coaching Call/Wk
    • Avg. 2.3% transaction fee
    • All 2.0 Upgrades Free
    • All Upgrades at COST!
    Activate Deal

One-time payment offers. Available for a limited time only.

What Are Some Advantages and Disadvantages of InfluencerSoft [Pros and Cons]?

influencersoft vs other pricing comparision
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  • Visual Funnel builder is a game-changer. Not only are you limited to the advantages, but you can still need your page, email system, and so on. 
  • Speed to launch and team support is the second Pro Influencersoft has. It is the mastermind of help and team. You can set up your funnels in their system, both basic and detailed. 


  • The page builder needs a lot of improvement. As with pop-ups, global color control is something that needs to be set out on the pages in general. 
  • Limitations of stripe and PayPal need more technical setup elements as these payment processors can be potentially used for your business. 
  • Influencersoft is creating a basic page, using the favorite page builder, and using the included JavaScript to track the data. 

InfluencerSoft Affiliate Program:

An affiliate program is an easy way to bring traffic and customers. But with the Influencer Soft affiliate program, you can get new affiliates into your system and set them up with a swipe copy. 

You get free traffic, and you only have to pay them if they refer you to new clients. However, maintaining thousands of affiliates and paying dozens is simple with their affiliate program. 

They are also considering the option of automatic payments and a better dashboard. Influencersoft also is working on improving its features. 

Frequently Asked Questions on InfluencerSoft Review:

Is InfluencerSoft Legit? Is it good:

Yes, it is 100% legit, unlike other lifetime packages. Influencersoft offers all the features which are available right now. 

How do I use InfluencerSoft?

You can create sales funnels with Influencersoft. There are many case studies of business owners using InfluencerSoft for their online business. You don’t have to worry about monthly fees for email and sales funnel software. 

What is InfluencerSoft?

Influencersoft is an all-in-one platform software with a lifetime deal option. In all its plans, it has features such as Funnel builder, Website, Store, Membership/courses, and Marketing automation. 

IT INCLUDES ALL OF IT from LMS, and email marketing automation to funnel mapping, and sales funnel software. 

How do you create a sales funnel?

For a beginner’s guide, take a look at the sales funnel and sketch up your funnel sales ideas. You can also utilize this software for developing your funnel.

How much does creating a sales funnel cost? 

It would be best if you kept the expense of creating a sales funnel at a minimal cost. But the majority of the price should depend upon developing and profiting from your sales packages and improving the conversion rates, and so on. 

Is it possible to import a Funnelytics premium template into Influencersoft? 

Currently, they are working on creating a funnel that will be an ideal standard in funnel tips. There is no guarantee for that but looking at this we can assure you with a great start. 

Do You Need a Separate AutoResponder for Influencersoft? 

You don’t need AutoResponder to create the landing pages and emails using the funnel builder. In one area, you can also see and develop your complete funnel, just like how websites are used to create websites. Funnels are also used to create the funnels. 

Conclusion of InfluencerSoft Review 2023: Is InfluencerSoft Better Than Others?

Influencers are highly recommended to use as it is the most revolutionary all-in-one automation tool. It is helpful for influencers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to ease their day-to-day tasks. 

Influencers also give stiff competition to its competitors such as Kajabi, click funnels, TalentLMS, Getresponse, etc.

But looking at this Influncersoft review, you may get to know how it is important to have everything on a single platform. 

Get InfluencerSoft Yearly Access for just $1

I hope this article helps you understand Influecersoft and precisely why you should try it.

Although I tried my best to cover all the benefits of Influecersoft in this blog, if you still have some problems, mention them in the comment section below. 

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